Kyukok garlic price surges hard

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Kyukok garlic being sold in the domestic market.

Chinese potatoes and Kyukok garlic in stock at the Bayintnaung Market have been sold at an increased price because the next batches of them cannot travel through the border route since the morning of 27 October. The wholesale price of Kyukok garlic and Chinese potatoes rose to over K1,000 and K500 per viss, respectively on 28 October, Ko Thein, a dealer on the Yaytama Road, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
It is known that most brokerage houses and truck terminals will run as usual on 28 and 30 October when the Bayintnaung Depot will be closed.
The nature of the market, when there are some processes to increase the price rate, it is seen that the price of the goods that are not easy to access from the entrance roads are likely to rise up in the domestic market.
The price of goods that are not easy to ship tends to be pushed up in the domestic market when some events increase the price rate.
On 26 October, the wholesale rate of a viss of Kyukok garlic was K7,700–K7,800, but on 27 October, the price rose to K8,000–K8,200 per viss and K8,500 per viss in the evening.
On the morning of 28 October, the wholesale price of garlic rose to K9,000-K9,150 at the wholesale depot. As for Shan garlic, the wholesale price of a viss still stood at K8,400–K9,800.
Although the Chinese potato price in wholesale was K1,700–K1,750 per viss on 26 October, it went up to K1,800 per viss on the morning of 27 October, K1,900–K2,000 per viss in the evening, and K2,300 per viss on the morning of 28 October.
As a result, in the retail market in Yangon, a viss of Shan and Kyukok garlics cost around K10,000 per viss, and Chinese potatoes for around K3,000 per viss, Daw Ni Ni Win, a housewife who shopped at Mawtin Market, told the GNLM.
The prices of rice, onions, and chilli peppers in 2022 and those of black gram, pigeon peas, half of the chickpeas, sugar, and jaggery in 2023 set new records as the highest prices in the market.
By the end of this year, Shan and Kyukok garlics became the commodities that set a record for the highest price, just like the commodities mentioned above. — TWA/CT

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