Learning to handle pain part of maturation

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[dropcap font=”0″]E[/dropcap]xperiencing pain and learning to respond to it appropriately is a crucial part of the maturation process not only for individuals, but entire societies. A society can only achieve maturity once the people within it themselves become mature.
Diversity, experimentation, stability and order are some of the requirements to obtain maturity for any society.
While maturation, physically, is a series of gradual changes the body undergoes from conception through to death, one’s attainment of physical maturity does not necessarily mean they have reached a mature state of mind. Maturity is also determined by our experience throughout life and the way we react to them.
To develop and nurture maturity in children, parents and teachers must help them gain self-confidence through positive reinforcement. Excessively chiding or rebuking children will not foster self-confidence. Just as a fruit needs the right conditions to ripen, children also require appropriate surroundings if they are to develop, physically and mentally, to the point of their potential. They should know their rights, as well as their responsibilities, which change with age.
A child cannot expect all of the same rights as an adult. Parents and teachers should train them to know their rights in line with their ages. If children cannot evaluate their rights, and understand how these rights relate to their level of maturity, there may be some conflicts the children and their parents.
There are different levels of knowledge and education for children. Some of them will see limits and boundaries as unnecessary restrictions on their desires. They may well be excited to widen their horizons, but have a level of confidence that exceeds their experience and abilities.
Similarly, if an entrepreneur wants to expand his business into the international market, he first needs the knowledge and expertise to compete with global firms.
If a person’s experiences are too bitter at an early age, they may not properly develop the ability to tolerate and respond appropriately to pain, giving them a negative outlook on life and hindering their ability to see things in perspective. Life is not always a bed of roses. It can be a mix of pain and struggle. But we can overcome the obstacles tactically and pragmatically and reach our goals, provided we have the maturity to do so.

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