Let the postal service enjoy lifelong existence

The postal service is one of the ancient communication services for people across the world. Postmen took an important role in society so as to communicate with each other through letters. As part of mass communication activities, the postal service gave satisfaction to the global people as well as Myanmar nationals many years ago.
When information and communication technologies are developing day by day, global people now contact each other with the use of modern electronic equipment as well as communication devices in a short time. Most people from developing countries and underdeveloped countries do not understand the theme of postal service. As such, they follow the newer and newer technologies throughout their lifetime but they cannot meet the compassion, pleasure and empathy among others in society. So, new generations in the current era miss a chance to enjoy the attachment and warmth and amicability among the people in exchanging information through the postal service.
As a gesture of honouring the postal service, World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October, the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Bern. The Universal Postal Union declared World Post Day in Japan in 1969. From then on, global countries are celebrating the commemorative day year by year.
Until now, the Myanmar Post under the Ministry of Transport and Communications is still giving postal service to the people. It operates letter and parcel delivery services, remittance of money and other possible communication services to the people on a daily basis to catch the attention of the customers by publishing new postal stamps in creative designs for postal stamp collectors.
In truth, the post is the world’s largest logistics network. Not only developed countries but underdeveloped countries do not discard postal services until today. Such a service is still useful despite the difference in the certainty of usage for the services. It is because the postal service can save the charges of delivering letters, parcels, money and other materials from one place to another in a few days or hours.
Up to now, the postal service has been benefiting the global people regardless of the rich and the poor. The postal service like an experienced servant is giving services to the customers similar to marching towards the goal without taking a rest, focusing on the interests of global people all the time.

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