Let people enjoy Maha Thingyan festival happily


W ith the traditional Maha Thingyan festival of Myanmar drawing near, excitement permeates the air as people of all ages eagerly anticipate its arrival. The lively tunes of Thingyan songs echo throughout the land, signalling the imminent festivities.
However, the true spirit of the Maha Thingyan celebrations necessitates a tranquil and stable environment. It is essential to create an atmosphere where revellers can engage in the customary dousing of water and partake in dancing and singing performances at various pavilions without any apprehension.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon individuals and organizations alike to eschew feelings of animosity, grudges, destructive behaviours, and negativity. Instead, all stakeholders should focus on enhancing societal cohesion during the Thingyan period, promoting acts of kindness and compassion towards one another. By doing so, the upcoming Maha Thingyan festival will be characterized by peace and joy, offering participants the opportunity to revel in moments of pleasure and harmony.
Amidst rivalries in various sectors, there is a need for a temporary cessation of hostility. By embracing compassion and empathy, adversaries can derive happiness from relinquishing animosity, thereby ensuring the enjoyment and safety of innocent individuals. It is imperative for rival organizations to alleviate the concerns of the public during the Maha Thingyan festival, allowing them to partake in the festivities without fear or worry.
At present, many individuals are burdened by a plethora of worries, suffocated by negative thoughts and precarious circumstances stemming from the absence of the rule of law, peace, and stability, compounded by the escalating prices of commodities. The looming threat posed by unscrupulous individuals further exacerbates the sense of fear among the populace, who find themselves grappling with the decision of whether to participate in the Maha Thingyan festival amid such uncertainties.
Despite these challenges, it is crucial for people to come together and celebrate the Maha Thingyan festival, fostering a sense of unity and community spirit. By prioritizing the well-being of society, individuals and organizations can contribute to the shaping of a society characterized by both physical and mental wellness. Through collective efforts and acts of kindness, the Maha Thingyan festival can serve as a beacon of hope and joy for all.
In fact, the theme of the Maha Thingyan festival in Myanmar is straightforward and transparent. It never upholds wicked and dangerous things. It brings happiness and peace to society. As such, all relevant organizations should let all innocent people be joyful in the coming Maha Thingyan festival to shape society with physical and mental well-being.

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