Linde village residents of Ngaphe Tsp earn regular income through pineapple wine production

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Pineapples are pictured at the wine production process workplace.

The Linde Village in Ngaphe Township of Mibu District of Magway Region is located beside the Minbu-An road. The local Asho Chin people earn their annual income from pineapple plantations in addition to agricultural and perennial crops and manageable-scale production of pineapple wine, according to pineapple farmer Mai Mya Wutyi Aung.
The pineapple wine production processes are washing the pineapples, peeling them and chop them and putting them into a pot or plastic box. Then, add the sugar to a similar weight to the pineapple and cover it. After four-month pineapple fermentation, it is converted into pineapple wine and is marketable. The taste of one-year-old or over two-year-old wine is better.
“The pineapple plants are grown on about 0.5 acre of land. There are about 1,000 pineapple plants. We sell fruits and wine with other fruits at the shops beside the road for over six years.
The pineapple season is from July and October. The travellers come and buy here. A pineapple fetches K500 and one bottle of pineapple wine is between K1,000 and 1,500. We get about K20,000 per day. A pineapple field earns about a K1 million yearly,” she said.
The pineapple and pineapple wine from Linde village is popular and the people buy them for donations/wedding ceremonies and also for presents. There are about three people who sell pineapple wine in Linde village. – Ma Yu (Ngaphe)/KTZH

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