Look deeper to realize the root cause of a problem

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By Aung Khin

Knowing the root cause of problems in many cases helps people solve them. Although there never is a “silver bullet” solution to achieve a certain effect, we should look deeper to figure out what’s causing the problem and then we can fix the underlying systems and processes.
Looking deeper to identify the root cause needs fair and decisive judgment of the findings so that the process can be developed. Identifying the origin of a problem can help determine what happened, why it happened and figure out the ways to lessen the impacts.
It has been accepted that every organization is not perfect amid emerging challenges everywhere. Moreover, causes and impacts are interrelated. Any action in a certain sector can trigger an action in another, and so on. In society, for example, the health care system is related to the education system, the economic system and so on.
If any system is found to be weak, the responsible persons should track back the existing actions and policies to discover where the problem started and how it grew into the effects we are now facing. In doing so, fair judgments are required to make the cause transparent.
Some causes for ineffective policies or systems include a lack of infrastructure and financial support; deficiencies such as a lack of proficient policy-makers and a shortage of skilled workers; and the failure of organizational management, especially in making wrong decisions.
Actions must be taken along with investigating the patterns of negative effects, finding hidden flaws in a system or policy and identifying specific actions that contributed to the problem.
If the root causes for bad results are found, they should not be concealed by intimacy or fear. The root causes for failures might be committed by others or by us, but no one should be excused.

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