Magway Region sets over K2,700 mln for drilling wells to fight water shortage

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A new well of Magway Region Rural Development Department. Photo: Zayyatu (Magway)

Regional Department of Rural Development will drill 67 wells in 30 places of Magway Region, which could suffer from water shortage problem in the coming summer, spending of over K2,700 million in 2020-2021 financial year, according to the Magway Regional DRD. “Initially, the department will conduct field inspection.
They will then submit a budget proposal after they have decided whether they should dig the ground for water pond or tube well.
Regarding this, they have to submit a proposal to the Union Government and sometimes, to the regional government,” said U Myo Aung, the head of Regional DRD. The department has been drilling 12 wells with eight machines owned by the Rural Department in the first week of this budget year.
So far, the seven wells have been successfully drilled.
According to the local villagers’ requirements, the department will dig water ponds and wells in the villages, likely to face the water shortage in the Magway region. The department has planned to supply emergency drinking water, according to the department. —Zayyatu (Magway) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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