MAMDA suggests car import criteria

Dr. Soe Tun, chair of Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association, put forward nine facts regarding automobile import at the 20th meeting between the Private Sector Development Committee led by Vice President 1 and the entrepreneurs held on 6 October.
He requested that the related authorities to issue Yangon car licence for the newly imported cars and vehicles of car sales centers and showrooms as people purchases Yangon slips (import permit to register in Yangon Region), which is received for family-used cars in return for deregistration of old vehicles, at an exorbitant price in the amidst of suspension of Yangon Vehicle registration.
“It was a year that we requested matters concerning delay in Yangon registration system, which is known as Yangon Vehicle Quota Certificate (YVQC), in October, 2017 and now, we put forward it again. Yangon Region government said they still cannot answer exactly and the regional government is discussing with the Ministry of Commerce”, described Dr. Soe Tun.
The prices of imported cars are so high as the prices are set only after they are shipped and the dealers have to wait for estimating the car’s value. The government had better cut red tape such as estimating the value and double-check when they are claimed at the port. Therefore, he requested the authorities to set the car price according to purchase agreement and invoice.
Additionally, even though Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System Online system (MACCS) for import/export businesses was being exercised, paper work is still seen, causing delay. He asked that only MACCS online system is allowed for processing.
Some motor cars are found installing new auto parts and changing body coach when accidents happened, consuming time and money. As a result of this, it would be better if Road Transport Administration Department (RTAD) collects fines for changing body coach like before or issues certificate or signs to those vehicles examined.
Moreover, he also asked to consider prescribed dimension and warehouse criteria besides relief in deposit for sales centers.
Additionally, some car sales centers that have already paid tax are requested to be allowed to close down their operations as they do not receive any information of those vehicles which will be imported under consignment system and they still have to remit money to foreign dealers.
There are many consignment cars which were imported in 2017 under previous car import policy and they are facing difficulty to get licence due to high price of slips. Therefore, we like to request to exercise new system to substitute slip.
Finally, he also reported to reduce fine payment for those who delays to claim containers at the port.

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