Maritime Police register 25 cases of smuggling, illegal fishing in Ayeyawady River

Maritime police conducting marine patrol along Ayeyawady River. Photo : Khine Hsat Wai
Maritime police conducting marine patrol along Ayeyawady River. Photo : Khine Hsat Wai

The Myanmar Maritime Police (Mandalay) have registered 25 cases pertaining to illegal fishing and smuggling of forest products since January while patrolling within a limit of 65 nautical miles along the Ayeyawady River, said Police Lt-Col Aung Zaw Myint.
The maritime police are conducting patrols along the river with the help of three vessels and four speedboats to protect life and property. Their duties include law enforcement, ensuring safety of coastal vessels, and taking action against smugglers.
“We have been conducting undercover patrols along the river. During the patrols, we have found jade being transported illegally and other cases. While conducting special operations against electrofishing, our members were attacked by some illegal fishing vessels. In once case, we had to resort to firing gunshots into the air to protect our members.”
According to the police, vessel No. 152 conducts its patrol within an area of 15 nautical miles between Shangalekyun Village and ancient Ava city, while patrol vessel No. 154 has been assigned to patrol the area within 7 nautical miles from Shangalekyun Village in Amarapura Township to Seta Village in Patheingyi Township, with its base at Gawwein Jetty. Patrol vessel No. 159 operates an area within 48 nautical miles between Seta Village and Yadana Theinkha Bridge in Singu Township.
According to an official report, the maritime police registered two cases pertaining to illegal trade of forest and related products, one jade smuggling case, and 22 cases of illegal fishing vessels doing battery fishing in 2018. Between 1 January and 25 June this year, the police have registered one case of smuggling of forest-based products and 24 cases of illegal battery fishing in the river.—Khine Hsat Wai (Translated by Khaing Thanda Lwin)

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