Marvelous Sadon Waterfall in Kachin State

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Visitors watch water falling from the Sadon Waterfall. Photo: Htain Nannaw

Surrounded by bluish mountains and greenish carpets of vegetation, Sadon Falls streams down a deep slope formed with the different tiers of rock formations. Water tumbling down the steep incline has produced a melody-like sound for visitors.
Another name for Sadon Falls located near Sadon town in Waingmaw Township, Kachin State, is Lannakha Falls. The splendid cascade is crowded with the large number of vacationers from various parts of the country during the Thadingyut holidays. The following is the voices of some of the holidaymakers.

Ma Ei Ei Hlaing
I visited Sadon Falls in 2017, and as the cascade was so magnificent, I conceived an idea of revising the place. So, I came here with my friends this time. The waterfall is a place where we can closely witness the beauty of nature. Sadon is my first stop during my holiday vacation. Afterwards, I will visit Washaung Dam, the confluence and Wai recreation park.

Daw Myint Myint Htay
Retired Senior Assistant Teacher, YeU
Sadon Falls is a sideline visit of my journey to Myikyina where I will have a reunion with my relatives. This is my first visit to the place. The waterfall is so breathtaking and really beautiful. It is a wonderful place of Myanmar that can attract both local and foreign visitors. The place is so tranquil as it is surrounded by mountains covered with green vegetation. I feel reinvigorated. Unlike my native place which is normally dry, the area is lush and green. I want to visit it gain. Better roads ensure easy access to Sadon Falls. It is worth a visit.

Ma Aye Aye Myint
Every year, I travel during Thaningyut holidays, but never arrived at Sadon. This year, I come to Sadaon and found that it is worth a visit. It is a place where both the local and foreign travellers should come. I feel relax and refresh as soon as I see the falls. All the visitors admire the beauty of the place which makes them refreshed. I would visit it again in the coming years. Kachin State has a lot of interesting places. I would like to invite tourists to the area.

U Lachan Lwandaung
In-charge of Sadon Falls recreation camp
If compared with many other places of the country, the number of visitors to Sadon is still low. We still have many shortages in ensuring visitor convenience. Visitors can enjoy the falls in its natural position but we have no other facilities to make the place more attractive and enjoyable. We must make arrangements to protect the falls and its surrounding areas from causing any environmental damage. Thanks to the peace in the area, more vacationers are coming to the falls as the cascade and its surrounding area have the power to refresh the minds of visitors. I am so encouraged and pleased to hear positive response from visitors. I wish the government do more for the tourist industry of Kachin State. And I wish government help in environmental protection and conservation in case the number of visitors sharply rises. So, please come and visit the Sadaon Fall and admire its natural beauties.

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