Media’s vital role in bridging people and incidents


The role of media and media personnel as intermediaries between readers and events is not one which is assigned, but rather it is an inherent duty they willingly embrace. In Myanmar, the media is seen as the fourth estate, tasked with ensuring checks and balances over all aspects of the nation, especially in the realm of politics.
Media personnel shoulder responsibility not only towards the State but also towards the people, providing them with information, entertainment, and education. Adhering to strict media ethics, they must present information accurately and with utmost correctness. A crucial aspect of media ethics is to avoid plagiarism, refraining from copying intellectual property without permission. News stories must be presented without any bias or personal input, ensuring reliability for the readers.
Integrity is of utmost importance, and media personnel must refrain from presenting news stories in a way that harms individuals and organizations or violates human rights. On the contrary, they should actively protect human rights and contribute much to a happier society by adhering to these principles.
Another key responsibility of media personnel is to avoid presenting news in a manner that incites religious or ethnic conflicts. Instead, they should strive to foster unity and understanding among different communities by spreading optimism.
Neutrality is an essential characteristic of media personnel, and they must approach all incidents with unbiased minds. News presentations and criticism should be based on accuracy and devoid of personal opinions, allowing readers the freedom to form their judgements and opinions. In the realm of political affairs, media personnel play a pivotal role by promptly informing the public about all measures taken. They are entrusted with the responsibility of guiding events towards the correct path and ensuring transparency in governance.
The duty of media personnel in maintaining checks and balances is a noble one, benefiting society as a whole. By upholding the principles of unbiased reporting, respecting human rights, and promoting unity, they contribute significantly to the well-being of the nation.
As such, the media’s inborn duty is to act as a bridge between people and incidents, while also upholding the values of accuracy, integrity, and impartiality. They have to take pride that their role as the fourth estate is crucial in ensuring a well-informed and united society, with media personnel being the guardians of truth and transparency in the nation.


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