MoC organizes meeting on trademark registration

Union Minister for Commerce Dr Than Myint presided over a virtual meeting yesterday morning with businesspersons, representatives from law firms and relevant organizations to explain the process of trademark registration in line with the ministry’s Order 63/2020 dated 28 August 2020.
The Union Minister discussed the need to comply with international standards in practising copyright system and to match with the existing politics, economy and education of the country.
He remarked that the implementation of four copyrights laws should be carried out one after another to lessen possible difficulties, to ensure sufficient human resource and to overcome technical problems.
The Union Minister added that the Trademark Law will be implemented first, followed by the Industrial Design Law, and the Copyrights Law on Literary and Artistic Works and the Patent Law, as well as the Geographical Indications.
In implementing the Trademark Law, the existing First to Use System will be changed into the First to File System that favours the applicants. The ministry has issued the Order 63/2020, informing that registration can be started from 1st October 2020, with the objective of implementing a smooth transition.
Deputy Minister U Aung Htoo that Myanmar has adopted the copyright laws in line with international copyright laws and procedures of the World Intellectual Property Organization, however, these legal documents have not come into force until now.
The trademark registration could be done in line with the Trademark Law although it was carried out under the Registration Act.
Under the new registration system, the WIPO file system could be used in filing applications for trademark registration, supporting the Ease of Doing Business, and the registration fee could be paid from mobile banking.
Adopting copyright laws in Myanmar was supported by WIPO, JICA, JPO, USAID, and USPTO.
The Union Minister also expressed thanks to these partner organizations and confirmed to coordination with them.
Filing application for registration of Trademark could be done through the law firms or by individuals; the MSMEs and the copyright department will work together for the business firms in MSMEs sector.—MNA (Translated by Aung Khin)

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