MOGE daily distributes over 18 mln cubic feet of CNG for CNG vehicles in Yangon Region

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The picture shows YBS buses being filled with fuel at the filling station.

Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) (CNG Department) raised gas supply to over 18 million cubic feet of CNG per day with a view to facilitating transport for the CNG vehicles running on Yangon streets.
Earlier, MOGE distributed only 17 million cubic feet of CNG. Now, the sales volume has grown to 18 million.
Nyaungdon-Maubin oil and gas field provides natural gas to the CNG filling stations in Yangon Region.
Out of 41 filling stations in the region, 40 are selling gas to the CNG-powered YBS buses, taxis and other vehicles.
“Prolonged power cuts reduced the pressure of CNG. Despite being a cheaper alternative to fuel oil, the queue is annoying. We have to stay in a long queue. Those oil-fuelled vehicle owners do not need to bother with it. Yet, they have to check the oil prices,” said U Zaw Latt, a CNG taxi driver.
The filling stations distribute CNG from 5 am to 10 pm every day. The price hovers unchanged at K275.15 per kilogramme, according to the MOGE.
“The country reduced electricity load so the queue to fill gas has become worse. As a result of this, Yangon commuters are facing delays in public transport service due to a shortage of buses. It would be better if the departments concerned gave priority to the YBS buses to ensure smooth public transport,” Ko Aung Lwin, a YBS passenger, shared his opinion.
The filling stations in Yangon Region distribute gas to over 30,000 CNG vehicles per day, as per the MOGE.—TWA/EMM

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