Myanmar, Brazil to jointly implement pharmaceutical projects

Myanmar and Brazil set to collaborate on projects involving the manufacturing of high-quality anti-snake venom, vaccination, and serum collection in Myanmar, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Regarding these projects, discussions took place between Myanmar Ambassador to Brazil U Aung Kyaw Zan and Mr Nelci Peres Caixeta, Head of Technical Cooperation for Africa, Asia, and Oceania Department at the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) under the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, on 17 November.
In the meeting, both parties cordially discussed the implementation plans for the technical upgrade project of antivenom production in Myanmar, which was agreed upon and signed between the two countries under the framework of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency. They also explored the exchange of experts and the sharing of technologies between the two nations.
Through this project agreement, the joint implementation of vaccination and serum collection, along with the production of high-quality anti-snake venom in Myanmar, will soon commence. The collaboration will involve Myanmar’s pharmaceutical factory (Insein) (BPI) and the Butantan Institute of Brazil, based in São Paulo, as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). — ASH/ZN

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