Myanmar enters New Year 1381 ME: Greeting of Sayadaws

DSC 5100 72Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivamsa

In the New Year, I wish peace of mind and good health for everyone in the world.
May all the people of the world and all creatures enjoy good health and peace.
Only when all practice Buddhanussati, can they recollect the qualities of the Buddha and his enlightenment and that peace can spread the world. Besides, only when we practice the Metta (loving kindness), can peace prevail in the world.
To bring peace to the world and to enjoy peace ourselves, let’s practice the Buddhanussati and spreading Metta (loving kindness) way.


Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Nannisara, Chancellor of the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy

Mirror E 20x30 Sayadawgyi Copy 72 2Our country is beautiful with natural environment including forests, rivers and mountains. Especially, pagodas and monasteries have been beautifying our country. As a saying goodbye to the old year and as a welcome the new year, I wish our ethnic people of the country have a beautiful mindset. Only when all the people of our country have beautiful mindset, can our country be beautified further.
On one occasion, the Buddha visited the venerable Anuruddha, the venerable Nandiya, and the venerable Kimbila were living at the Park of the Gosinga Sala-tree Wood.
In one Sutta Pitaka, the Buddha visited the park of Gosinga where the Venerable Ashin Anuraddha, the venerable Ashin Nandira and the venerable Ashin Kimila were living. The Buddha told that the garden was beautiful with trees blossom. But, what made the garden more beautiful was His three disciples, told the Buddha to them. Asked how did they beautify the garden, the three disciples answered “We beautify the garden with Samaggi (the Spirit of Unity)”.
Samaggi is the unity. Speaking in modern usage, Samaggi is the unity of all ethnic people. We gained the independence through our unity. To safeguard our unity, we must do it through unity. Let me say that to beautify the country, we must build our country through our unity.
Asked which unity did they apply to beautify the garden, they replied that they beautified the park with the Sammagi (the Spirit of Unity).
They said “Surely, venerable sir, we are living in concord, with mutual appreciation, without disputing, blending like milk and water, viewing each other with kindly eyes.”
The three disciples said one set aside what he wish to do and do what other venerable ones wish to do.
The Buddha appreciated their way of living with unity.
Therefore, I would like to urge all ethnic brethren brothers and sisters to relax all old tension from the past and to beautify the country, to relax what one wish and to fulfil other ones wish to do. I wish.
In the conclusion, the three disciples said they were different in body, but one in mind.
Hence, I wish over 130 ethnic tribes of our country have the spirit of unity built by three disciples at the Park of Gosinga. This wish is my goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year.


3 72Dr. Nanda Mala Bhivamsa, Rector Sayadaw,
International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
The Year 1380 ME ends and the new year, 1381 ME, begins. I wish all the people of Myanmar protection from danger and peace of mind.
Like we control the heat in the summer, we must try to thwart the fire in our hearts, caused by greediness, hatred, and ignorance.
Greediness leads to selfishness, hatred leads to holding grudges, and ignorance leads to not understanding the difference between right and wrong. They are internal passions.
Only when we control the internal fire can we enjoy genuine peace. To bring true peace in our hearts, we must practice quenching the fire in our hearts through the insight of meditation.
May all beings enjoy eternal peace in their hearts.


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