All Myanmar Hindu Central Board issues statement

All Myanmar Hindu Central Board issued a statement on 1 October expressing deep sorrow for ethnic nationals and Hindus killed by ARSA extremist terrorists in Rakhine State and urges to make arrangements to provide security and restore the livelihood of the remaining family members.
The statement said ethnic Rakhine nationals, public servants and some Hindus were killed and wounded by recent ARSA extremist terrorists’ atrocities in Maungtaw Rakhine State.
The worst incident was the cruel mass killing of Hindu villagers of an entire village and the forced abduction of some Hindus to another country.
ARSA extremist group is strongly condemned for this action and the Hindus in Myanmar share the sorrow of the families of those killed.
The board also stated its willingness to work together with the government in rehabilitating the lives of the remaining families of the massacred victims and to heal the physical and mental scars of remaining families who had seen their family members killed
Some international organisations and media that ignored this terrorist act are also categorically denounced.
Some international media using a new word “Rohingya Hindu” for Hindus is also noted. There is no such word in the history of Hindus in Myanmar and the 10 races shown in Hindu Central Council regulation. This is a new word invented by some people to confuse other countries and that word is requested not to be used.
Hindus who lived peacefully with all religions in Myanmar do not view this act as being done by one religion to another religion. It is viewed as death and misery caused to innocent peoples by terrorism and brothers and sisters of all religions are urged to continue living with loving kindness and without hatred.
Hindus in Myanmar are urged to conduct similar prayer meetings as this present one in their respective towns, cities, temples and groups. All are also urged to say the truth with courage when interviewed by foreign media while remaining loyal and faithful to the country they are living in. As such, in holding the traditional Hindu Deepavali or Diwali festival this year, all are urged to hold it according to their respective tradition by praying and not indulge in exuberant festivities said the statement.— Myanmar News Agency

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