Myanmar should bolster ties with IOM

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ISSUES facing migrant workers threaten people and nations around the world, and Myanmar is not an exception. In recent years, Southeast Asia and Europe have undergone major challenges related to migration. As many as 120,000 migrants entered Greece and Italy in 2016 so far.
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) was founded in 1951, indicating that the issue of migration is not new. The IOM is an intergovernmental organization with its headquarters based in Geneva, Switzerland. A total of 157 countries are signatories to its charter, and another 10 nations are observers.
In addition, more than 80 global-level and regional-level intergovernmental organisations and nongovernmental organisations also hold observer status. The IOM has 8,400 employees around the world and had a budget of US$ 1.675 billion in 2013.
The original objective at the time of the founding of IOM was to accommodate people displaced during World War II.
However, this objective has been expanded, and the IOM today is an international agency cooperating with governments, NGOs and civil society organisations around the world to promote awareness of migrant issues, to utilise the intellectual skills and physical labour of migrants and refugees for the socioeconomic development of receiving countries, to respect the dignity of migrants as human beings and to provide welfare programmes for them.
Myanmar must strengthen its relations with the IOM in order to allow Myanmar to better accommodate migrants and refugees in such a way as not to harm the socio-economic development of the country while utilising the intellectual skills and physical labour of migrants.

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