Myanmar’s food security assured: MRF President affirms ample rice reserves

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Myanmar Rice Federation President U Ye Min Aung has provided resolute reassurance regarding Myanmar’s food security, highlighting the nation’s self-sufficiency in rice production. He conveyed, “The country possesses a substantial rice reserve from both the current and previous years, eliminating concerns about food insecurity.” In an interview with The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM), U Ye Min Aung emphasized that Myanmar’s rice supply is abundant, dispelling worries about any immediate shortage.

unveiled plans to offer rice at affordable rates, with a scheduled sale set for 7 August. The federation’s announcement outlines its commitment to ensure accessibility to rice varieties through competitive pricing. These offerings will be available at a wholesale centre on Wahdan Road and similar establishments at the Bayintnaung Market.
Specific pricing details for different rice varieties per 108-pound bag have been disclosed: Shwebo Pawsan will be sold at K110,000 to K120,000 per 108-lb bag, Ayeyawady Pawsan K94,000 to K97,000, Aemahta (10%) K65,000 and Aemahta (25%) K60,000.
To streamline distribution, individuals can procure rice by presenting their national identity cards. Under this arrangement, the federation aims to allot one bag of Pawsan and one bag of Aemahta per month to those holding valid citizenship scrutiny cards. Government and corporate employees seeking to make purchases can follow the process outlined in the announcement, including contacting the provided email address with the necessary verification documents.
U Ye Min Aung underscored the federation’s commitment to stabilize the rice market by offering competitively priced rice. This endeavour will continue throughout August and September until the influx of newly harvested rice into the market. He emphasized, “The recent surge in rice prices is driven by unfounded rumours that prompted panic buying, despite the reality of ample rice reserves.”
“Rice reserve was also sold last year. Households could buy one bag each of rice by showing some documents. The price of rice they sold was some K5,000 per bag less than the market price. At that time, if we gave K5,000 extra money to rice shops in the market, the shop would transport bags of rice to the buyer’s house,” Daw Wah Wah Ei from Kyimyindine Township told her experiences in buying bags of rice last year to the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
“If people have a chance to buy bags of rice at the set price from the agents of relevant wards and townships rather than purchasing at the wholesale depots, it will be more beneficial for the consumers. Now, transport cost is not convenient for consumers,” a rice dealer from Sangyoung Township told the GNLM.
In 2022, the Myanmar Rice Federation sold out Shwebo Pawsan, Ayeyawady Pawsan and 90-day rice slightly cheaper than the market prices. In the domestic market, Shwebo Pawsan paddy was traded at K3 million per 100 baskets in July but K3.5 million in August. —GNLM/TH/KTZH

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