Myanmar’s Independence and Myanmar politics

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As known by all, Myanmar’s sovereignty was seized by the British Imperialists by force. In other words, Myanmar’s Independence was lost since then. The then political system was imperialism, in which an individual person or organization treats others unfairly or the superior nations tend to dominate over the inferior ones and interfere in the affairs of other nations.
At that time, Myanmar suffered severely under the colonial yoke of the British imperialists. The only desire of most Myanmar people at that time was to live freely, and to spend and donate generously, after liberating themselves from colonial rule.
Throughout the history of Myanmar’s struggle for independence, our main objective was to gain independence. But we must note that the objective went astray due to holding different kinds of political doctrines by the then national leaders. Bogyoke Aung San, our national leader pointed out very clearly, to make people understand the fact that people tend to change their objectives in regard to political power and authority, although they have fought for the national cause together. Political doctrines, that is, political “isms” differed in different periods—period of struggle for national liberation, Independence struggle in pre-war years and post-war years. Regarding this, Thakin Aung San said on one occasion, “Really genuine politics is not that easy as the kind of politics [Ta Baung—random utterance interpreted as prophecies] frequently repeated by people. Making efforts for the betterment of the country is easier said than done. National unity needed for gaining the Independence of the country must be essentially built up.”
In the revolutionary period of the anti-fascist movement there was a great unity between revolutionary leaders and the people, managing to successfully move to the goal. Yet, in the period of struggling for the national liberation, that is, for gaining Independence there was a need for unity among leaders and unity among the people. Political ideas and political parties differed in those periods, as it did in the period after gaining independence.
As regards the different political parties and ideas in pre-independence and post-independence days, our national leader Bogyoke Aung San warned us to be careful about the political split and national awareness. He urged people to stand altogether on a similar objective and to be united for national rehabilitation. National unity is of great importance not only for independence but also for national peace, stability and development.
On account of disunity in the country, political splits occurred too many times. What is greatly in need in the country is none other than national unity. Peace, stability and development can be achieved only if there is unity in the country. Peace will be achieved through unity, and thence the long-awaited goal of the Myanmar people will be realized – i.e. the emergence of a Democratic Federal Republic.

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