Natural resources mean nothing without human resources

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[dropcap font=”0″]AS[/dropcap] has often been mentioned in mass media throughout successive governments, Nature does favour our country when it comes to natural resources. On the one hand it is encouraging that our country is rich in natural resources, but on the other it is discouraging that the country is short of human resources.
It stands to reason that developing human resources is central to economic, social and educational development. It is therefore appropriate to define the development of human resources as enabling people to sharpen their latent talent and dormant caliber for the betterment of their social status, thereby contributing to their own communities and the nation as a whole.
We still lag far behind many of other countries in the region and the world in investing in the development of human resources. This might have resulted from failure to address structural challenges deeply rooted in national policies which are yet to increase employment, expertise, productivity, and income.
To turn the tide, we should make conscious efforts to help the private sector contribute to national infrastructure development while making best use of public-private partnerships. It is widely believed that infrastructural development will offer opportunities to people, including marginalized groups.
Reliable socio-economic policies and strategies will foster human resources and human capacities as well. Only then will we be able to guarantee the well-being of individuals and realize sustainable, inclusive, equitable development at the national level.
The point is that development strategies for human resources should be part of national development planning on all fronts. A country, no matter how rich in natural resources, will no doubt remain poor as long as it turns a blind eye to the development of human resources.

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