We need to co-exist with genuine friends

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • In life we can differentiate between true friends from false ones by considering whether they leave us in the lurch or not, at the time when we are in trouble. True or good friends bring virtues and well-being. Good friends can be categorized into four viz. true friends who bring about benefits to us; genuine ones who are always with us regardless of wealth or woe; teacher-like friends who are always willing and ready to show us the way to success; and kind friends who are always kind and take care of us when we are in need.
    Now we have come to know who are genuine or false, good or bad towards us at such a time when our country is facing difficulties and challenges. Especially, we have come to discover to our great surprise certain countries with whom Myanmar had good relations in the past, turn out to be hostile and aggressive. Moreover rapprochements are being seen with some countries, formerly known as aggressive ones.
    Genuine friends tend to give us help when we unfortunately meet with difficulties and hardships. They will never abandon us at that time and they never have ill will towards their friends. Instead, they are always desirous of promoting the wellbeing of their friends. Besides, they always forbid someone from saying bad things about their friends. Contrariwise, they are not above praising their friends provided that someone speaks out the virtues of their friends.
    At the present time when Myanmar is experiencing challenges and difficulties, some remain silent while others are fanning the flames of fire to make the situation worse. In fact, they are not genuine friends. Genuine ones are practically helping and giving out relief aid and assistance, with a view to promoting rehabilitation and stability. They show their heart-felt wish for Myanmar to be free from sufferings.
    Some pretend not to have noticed Myanmar’s efforts in developing the country but they obviously laid bare their inner feelings wishing us more suffering and destruction when we met hardships. It is like the case of the ogre in disguise of a prince when the mask comes off and the face of the ogre suddenly appears. It is understandable for some people with different beliefs to feel a grudge for us like a foe. Sorrowfully enough, some were found to have made disgusting and despicable deeds.
    Whatever it is, Myanmar must express her thanks toward genuine friends in recognition of their virtues and faithfulness. We must associate with anyone in friendly terms, even though they are evil-minded. We are committed to build up a peaceful nation, by making concerted efforts with our own abilities to overcome difficulties and hardships we are now experiencing.
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