Some new information about ARSA terrorists revealed

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • In the article, “The truth behind Myanmar’s Rohingya Insurgency” by Bertil Lintner who has been writing numerous articles on Myanmar, the writer presented in the article’s introduction that the relation between the leaders of ARSA and extremist terrorist groups pointed to broader conspiracy in the region, while shouting aloud that ARSA extremist terrorists are fighting for rights of national minorities. The wording, “rights of national minorities,” is of great importance. Many international news media are writing as if Bengalis in Rakhine State are stateless people whose citizenship rights have been rejected. In fact, successive governments have laid down policies that anyone who complies with prescribed rules and laws will be allowed to enjoy citizenship rights, simultaneously exercising those policies and implementing it practically.
    According to the statement of Bertil Lintner, the so-called ARSA extremist group leader is someone of Bengali extraction born and brought up in the outskirt of Karachi in Pakistan. It has been learnt that most of the thousands of Bengalis who had settled down for two or three generations in the shanty outskirts of Karachi are stateless persons. It is not known exactly why those Bengalis are stateless.
    According to the news from international intelligence sources, the person designated as the patron of the ARSA extremist terrorist group is spreading a video designed to launch a jihad, a holy war fought by Muslims to defend Islam in Myanmar. The said person is closely related to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, the biggest terrorist group in South Asia. Bertil Lintner presented in his article that over 150 alien terrorists got involved in the ARSA extremist terrorist group. It was described in his article that most of them are Bangladeshis while the rest are from Indonesia, Malaysia and Southern Thailand. And the writer pointed that the video has been disseminated widely in many places, showing military exercises in Aceh in Indonesia, designed to train for launching a holy war in Rakhine State. Bertil Lintner also highlighted well-coordinated military operations on many police outposts on 25th August depict that they had considerable military skills. Information provided by Bertil Lintner in his article showed that ordinary Bengalis in Rakhine State were angry about military activities launched by the ARSA extremist terrorist group which has brought about this dangerous situation. It is a well-known fact that many Muslims as well as Buddhists who had responded to questions posed by government officials or other interviewees had been killed ruthlessly. Some had their throats slit while others have been hacked to death mercilessly.
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