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U Nyo Tun, Vice Chairman of New Society Party.
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New Society Party wishes entire indigenous people fulfillment of their desires. I’m vice chairman U Nyo Tun of the New Society Party.
Concerning the brief history if our party, we were born during the period of 8888 democracy affair to 88 generation students and All-Burma Students’ Union(Ba-Ka-Tha).When our party was first founded , I was the general secretary-cum-chairman (temporary)
Regarding our flag, it is nothing but the one we used in the 88 affair with background colour being red and four golden stars on left top corner of the flag.
The stars represent workers, farmers, working intelligent sia and intellectual. We vow to being benefits to these four strata of people.
The objectives of the establishment of our party are explicitly enshrined in the party constitution. They are; for a democratic system to come into existence for the sake of the public; for people to be in possession of people’s power; to form an alliance with parties having the same objectives for a democratic united front to emerge for national cause; and for emergence of a new, firm constitution to keep the democratic system alive for ever.
When it comes to the fundamental principles of our party, we’ll always hold bravely and firmly our strong principles for entire indigenous people irrespective of transition from period to period and changes in the political, economic and social conditions. Our fundamental principles are; independence, equality, justice; prosperity and development.
When it comes to our party’s objectives as regards current national requirements, our objectives are; democratic cause; human rights, internal peace, national reconciliation and building a federal union.
In regard to our party’s policies our policies are oriented towards effectuation of public interests, indigenous people’s interests and national interests particularly towards workers , peasants, working intelligentsia and intellectual the four strata our party represents.
Regarding internal peace, our party will exert effort to ensure ending of internal strife and achievement of internal peace. We’ll make effort to achieve nation-wide ceasefire, and to reach a practical solution to and the offensives from all sides. The indigenous races in various regions are particularly required to stop the offensives (across the nation )simultaneously. Our policy is for the internal peace process to be all inclusive all political parties, mass and class (organizations) and civil society organizations (CSO) are all required to be included in the peace process.
Concerning national reconciliation, our new society party will ve involved in the national reconciliation process in under that unity among the national races that has been lost for a long period because of national disintegration since 1948 among the political forces, ideological groups, indigenous races, classes, strata and groups of different interest. Our new society party will particu;ate in the national reconciliation process, facing itself from day-dreaming ,seeking only practical approach in a transparent way to deprive all parties of hatred ,grudge and doubt.
Concerning the policy towards the federal union, on regard to our policy toward workers’ affairs, our policies are for one and only All-Myanmar Workers’ Union federation to emerge, representing the entire mass of workers, to realize fully the eight working hours systems, to precribe Saturdays and Sundays holidays inclusive of all private enterprises, to change the minimum wage rules accordingly to suit the changes prices of commodities to form the worker’s unions only with the workers who are elected through with the workers who are elected through secret voting ,to enable all workers to enjoy pension pay and for the state to provide effective social security arrangements, Provide free health care and provide free education for all.
Concerning peasants’ policies, our party hs clearly formulated the following polices in the interests of the entire mass of peasants for the emergence of one and only All-Myanmar Peasants’ Union Federation to represent the entire mass of peasants to form the peasants unions only with the peasants elected through secret voting; to ensure ownership of land and land guarantee, free cultivation , sale and holding of crops and providing of agricultural loans to provide equal rights to the village co-operatives founded through the independent, free will of the peasants and not to discriminate against the said cooperatives ,to form the ministry of rural development as a separate entity and to provide effective free social security arrangements, free health care and free education for the peasants and the rural people.
Regarding the policies towards women’s affairs our new society party has formulated the following policies for emergence of one and only All-Myanmar Women’s Union, to from the women’s unions only with the women who are elected through secret voting system; to protect women effectively against sexual harassment; to effectively suppress the vicious industries exploiting women affairs as separate entity, to suppress trafficking in women through formulation of national level suppression projects; and to formulate national level projects to heighten the women’s performance and to provide women with effective social security benefits, education and health care.
Concerning economic policy, our new society party will reduce and or reject budget in relation to unnecessary costs and spend that budget allotment on social security benefits, education and healthcare.
Our party will encourage and promote the state-owned, region-owned, cooperative owned, community-owned and private-owned industries. Efforts will be directed towards development of small and medium enterprises. For the development of industries, agriculture, livestock breeding, food stuff manufacturing, textile industries, construction, energy, education and information and printing industry, discussions will be held with the economists and realize national economic development hand in hand with the national entrepreneurs.
To be able to spend more on social safety net arrangements, education and health, revenue will be collected from hotel and tourism industries, entertainment industries, restaurants and beverages industries, tobacco industries, gold, silver mining, oil drilling, timber industry, gems and forestry products.
Taxes will also be collected from communications industries, transportation industries, banking and financial markets, investment market, stock exchanges and real estate industry.
We’ll look at the true situations prevailing in our country and seek ways and means that will suit the situations in formulation of our policies in the light of other developed countries.
This being so, please vote for me, (U) Nyo Tun, who will contest the bye election from the Dagon Myothit East Pyithu Hluttaw constituency. Remember our party logo who you vote.
Vote for New Society Party to be true to the people’s voice. Wishing the entire mass of people health and wealth.
(Unofficial Translation)

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