New Year Ovada Katha for 1386 ME

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Sitagu Sayadaw.

I extend my greetings to all with a special Dhamma Katha on the occasion of the upcoming New Year after ending the outgoing Old Year.


All distinguished virtuous persons,
Old Year 1385 ME has already gone out, and New Year 1386 ME has already come in. Last year, the old year 1385 ME was a new year but it has gone out. Likewise, the present New Year 1386 ME will gradually be old and then will be run out. Naturally, every new one, including living beings, will be old and then disappear. All new ones will be old and then disappear. Such an event is in line with the impermanence preached by the Lord Buddha. The person who can watch the consequence of impermanence called “Vayadhamma Sankhara” will be a great hero. The Lord Buddha preached “Vayadhamma Sankhara Appamadena Sammapadetha” to monitor the impacts of changing the new ones to the old ones.
Mentioned in the Cakkavatti Sutta, which may be dubbed as an ancient treatise, King Cakkavatti instructed his eldest son in handing over his royal inheritance in the dying period. Such an instruction was mentioned in the treatise, saying that it shall take security measures over all the people in accord with the Dhamma. Moreover, it shall provide aid to poor people. However, as successors of King Cakkavatti did not make contributions to the poor people, the entire people fell into misery. Consequent events brought robberies and thefts. Some persons who did not have mental qualifications committed robberies and thefts. It means attacks, robbery and theft called “Adinnadana” were triggered by idlers in the early stages of the world. As such, kings arrested them and killed those who committed crimes. The emergence of the second one was based on “Panati Pata”. As such, those who committed “Panati Pata” moves did not dare to accept penalties and confessed lies at the court. Hence, the move of “Musavada”, which means lying, emerged at that time. The witnessed persons expressed actual events called “Pisunavaca”.
Gradually, at a time when the lifespan of humans reached the term of 1,000 years, the “Micchaditthi” doctrine came out. In terms of 100 years for the lifespan of humans, let’s note down the emergence of Adhamma Raga, Visamalobha and Miccha Dhamma”. So, I mean all 18 varieties of untruths which were based on greed, anger and ignorance. If so, the world had faced consequences such as:
1. The time when greediness influences may cause starvation catastrophe.
2. The time when anger dominates may happen to be the murder of catastrophe.
3. The time when ignorance overwhelms may break out disasters of catastrophe.
It is a summary mentioned in the Cakkavatti Sutta treatise. Everybody knows and sees today’s variety of bad things that are destroying the world. Only when these bad things can be controlled will poor people be provided food, clothing, and shelter, and society will be peaceful and stable to some extent.
In conclusion, I extended my heartfelt wish on the New Year’s occasion for all to control greed, anger, and ignorance, which trigger 108 varieties of bad things and three catastrophes.
On the month of Tagu, I wish the whole country to be peaceful and prosperous, similar to a thriving forest with a variety of fragrances.
May all be pleasant and peaceful like the Sitagu moon.
Sitagu Sayadaw
State Ovadacariya, Shwegyin Nikaya Sangharaja
Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru, Abhidhaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika, Agga Maha Pandita, Chancellor of Sitagu Hospitals and Sitagu International Buddhist Academies.

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