No matter what challenges we may have to encounter, not lose sight of our Federal goal

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  • The special meeting between the Union Government and the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement signatory ethnic armed organizations has successfully ended, producing a good outcome where the ethnic armed organizations totally agreed to the establishment of a single federal army in line with international practices.
    We welcome the outcome although both sides need to discuss how to establish it.
    Leaders at the meeting also adopted a policy which can pave ways for overcoming the bottlenecks of the issue of non-secession from the Union and self-determination. It means both sides agreed to practice a type of choosing meaningful wording which can cover non-secession and self-determination.
    The signatories of NCA proposed a plan to the Union Government to hold a summit between the signatories and non-signatories of NCA in November as part of efforts of inclusiveness for peace making process which is essential for establishing a democratic federal union.
    The Union Government has repeatedly told that they will firmly establish the democratic federal Union consistently demanded by the ethnic nationals of the country.
    State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said in her address at the opening of the special meeting that non-secession is important. But also added that the will not to secede and to establish together a Union that need not be seceded from is also important. We need to recognize the historical facts on the causes of the worries.
    Today is the time to get out of being stuck in the past and to keep moving on towards a future that is good for all. In balancing the past worries of history of both sides, we need to truthfully view the situation of the 21st century.
    When we face towards the future, we need to think about international geopolitics as well as the state-wise geopolitics. Democracy is government of, by, and for the people. As such, all need to note that actually implementing the democracy and federal rights lays in the people, too.
    Today, there are many things we need to fulfill and work for people and our country. The time has come for us to be united to solve the problems of the people, to remove instabilities that arise from anxieties due to unrest, and to give them a safe and secure future. Our joint action will surely go a long way to eliminate the mistrusts and hatred that originated in the past.
    We wish to say with great seriousness that we need to bring forth National Unity which has been lost in our country for many years. If we can achieve National Unity, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.
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