Peanut growers anticipate good yield in Wundwin

Peanut farmers in Htanaungkone village, Wundwin Township, Mandalay Region said they are expecting a good yield from crops planted in the mid-monsoon season.

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A peanut plantation in Wundwin Township, Mandalay Region. photo: supplied

Farmers in the western regions of Wundwin Township rely on rainfall for cultivation because of the scarcity of dams. If there are any climate changes, they cannot meet the targeted yields for a season, the farmers said.
Peanut growers said they have earlier endured losses due to lack of rainfall in Wundwin Township and damage to other crops. “We had planted peanuts on 26 August after the rainfall on 24 August. It has been over 40 days since the peanuts were planted. And, we guarantee that those peanut farms can yield high amount of peanuts and the growers are also expecting to earn high prices. Peanuts can be harvested after 100 days of cultivation, and normally an acre can produce between 70 and 90 baskets of peanut,” said U Kyaw Nyein, a peanut grower.
Currently, peanuts have been cultivated over 90 acres in Wundwin Township, with yield rate of 70 baskets of peanut per acre. Farmers mainly cultivate peanut and pigeon peas in Wundwin Township, central region of Myanmar. —Htay Hlaing (Wundwin)(Translated by La Wonn)

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