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Dr. Than Htike Oo of People Democracy Party.
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Dr. Than Htike Oo, People Democracy Party presented the policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 9 February 2017, on Radio and TV programmes.
The full text of his presentation is given below:
Esteemed people,
I wish you physical and mental well-being. May you all be blessed with auspicious events. I wish you all from the political parties treading on the democratic political path of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, public service personnel, Tatmadawmen in the line of national defence duties and police, law officers and judges performing the duties for ensuring security of the public life and the rule of law joining hands in building a new, lawful, genuine democratic state.
I am the founder of People’s Democracy Party and have myself formulated the party’s policies, attitudes and programmes, and invited those interested in founding a political party. I am Dr Than Htike Oo, the founder.
Esteemed people,
I’d, first of all, present the party’s flag, logo and the policy, which have political essence and which are meant for the interests of the people. The background color of red suggests of bravery and decisiveness whereas the blue suggests uprightness and peace. One big white star is surrounded by five smaller white stars. The Union of Myanmar can be likened to the big white star whereas the smaller white stars represent workers, peasants, working intellectual and working intelligentsia and entrepreneurs. The stars signify having own light and travelling straight away. The logo of our party bears hammer, sickle and pinion to represent workers, peasants and industrial workers from 14 states and regions to effectuate national development.
With this logo of our People’s Democracy Party, I’ll contest this 1st April by election from Monywa township constituency for Pyithu Hluttaw. I’ll accept the people’s decision.
The policies of our party in regard to nationalist policy is to effectuate unity among all indigenous races as well as to perpetuate the sovereignty of the union.
Esteemed voters, as my outside Hluttaw political performance, I’ve exerted my effort for the people’s sports ground beside Ayeyawady River in Minyat Ward, Myitkyina, Kachin State to be provided with (permanent) grant in 2012. Thanks to my effort, the torn and tattered sports ground could have been turned into a new one vividly illuminated with colour electric lights. This is a milestone in my candidate career.
Concerning the political policy, genuinely united multi-party democratic political system will be pursued.
Despite existence of laws protecting mediamen, concerted effort will be made for emergence of the law protecting the political parties in order that the political parties can be protected for the sake of public interest.
Concerning the economic policy, independent and fair social market economy will be pursued to protect against the danger of flourishing of capitalism.
Esteemed voters,
I’ve contested 2010 general election and 2012 by election. Since then, I’ve been engaged in outside Hluttaw political arena. In accord with the policies and programmes of People’s Democracy Party, I’ve benefitted the people.
I’ve contributed towards emergence of the law to ensure systematic running of privately owned motor vehicles in Kachin state, Sagaing region, Mandalay region and Shan state. My effort has enabled the transportation businessmen to have legal protection in accordance with the market economic system.
Concerning foreign policy, independent and active foreign policy will be exercised within the framework of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence laid down at Bandaung.
Regarding defence policy, I’ll co-operate with the Tatmadaw in its defence against internal and external enemy who infringe on the national sovereignty, for emergence of a modern Tatmadaw so that Tatmadaw can perform its defence duties according to the constitution and for all ethnic races to join the Tatmadaw according to the rules and regulations and for Tatmadaw to become really string, modern and possessed with full capacity.
Concerning peasants’ policy, effort will be exerted to effectuate the socio-economic development of the peasants based on ownership of land.
Esteemed voters,
I’ve exerted effort for the peasants from Nawnghkio township in Shan State to obtain the confiscated land as outside Hluttaw politics since contesting 2010 general election and 2012 by election.
I was released on January 16, 2016 from the status of political prisoner. Since then, I’ve put forth effort to enable the farmers from Amarapura and Kyaukse townships in Mandalay region, Pale township in Sagaing region and Nawnghkio township from Shan State to obtain the confiscated land. Furthermore, I’ve exerted effort to enable the peasants to obtain Form 7 according to 2012 land law.
As regards workers’ affairs, effort will be made to enable our workers to enjoy workers’ rights as equally as those being enjoyed by the workers from the rest of the world.
In regard to religious faith, our attitude is freedom of choice to profess whatsoever religious the citizens believe in.
Concerning education policy, our education system will be turned into a world class one.
Regarding health policy, the western medicine, homeopathic medicine, Ayuveda medicine and alternative medicine which benefit the entire human races for longevity and good health will be promoted in accordance with the laws of the indigenous medicine council and western medicine council. In addition to effectuation of the development of homeopathy, Ayuveda and Alternative medicine, Homeopathic Medical Practitioners and Alternative Medical Practitioners’ Social Development Organization (a union-level NGO) has been registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs for bringing about social development of all indigenous people residing within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
As regards cultural policy, national cultural characters will be preserved, and the decadent culture that damages the national pride will be uprooted.
To be able to implement the party’s policies, three programmes have been laid down. They are: national cause programme, political programme and defence programme. As the programme to implement the national cause, effort will be made to enable all indigenous races inhabiting the union to enjoy equal rights according to the law. Nationalization of land and businesses will be prevented. And equal development for all indigenous races will be implemented with the use of the revenue earned through the sale of the natural resources owned by the indigenous people.
As a political programme, we will ensure that the power shall come down from the people, who are our voters. I’ll also encourage all armed ethnic groups to abandon the armed line and establish legal political parties above ground in order that they can be engaged in politics from within and without the hluttaws. They will be brought to the round table discussions to achieve peace. I’ll co-operate with all representatives form Pyithu Hluttaw, Amyotha Hluttaw, Region/State Hluttaws in fulfilling the needs of the people we represent. I mean I’ll co-operate with them all for enabling the enactment of the laws of public benefit. As the three organs of power-executive, judicial and legislative pillars – are needed to conduct check and balance between and among them – selves, I’ll try my utmost to be able to avoid illegal exertion of pressure. In this juncture, the fourth pillar is needed to be strengthened i.e. I’ll bring about the development of media sector.
Esteemed voters,
In regard to national defence programme, I’m in favour of Tatmadaw’s being only one defence force, which will not back whatsoever political party according to the constitution.
Esteemed voters,
Concerning the public service personnel, our attitude is for the public service personnel to bring to the fore the interests of the nation and the people and to be law-abiding and well-disciplined.
Esteemed voters,
Our policy is very simple. Even if I am chosen to become a people’s representative, I’ll continue to be engaged in outside Hluttaw politics.
Should I become a people’s representative, I’ll submit proposals to the Hluttaw to ensure the rule of law, and if I’m not fortunate enough to be a member of parliament, I’ll be contented with the status of ex-hluttaw candidate and will continue to be engaged in outside Hluttaw politics.
May I conclude my speech by making a solemn vow that I’ll accept the voters’ decision regardless of being elected and otherwise. If elected, I’ll be engaged in Hluttaw politics and if not elected, I’ll continue to do outside Hluttaw politics. Please think of voting for me. I make my earnest request to all voters from Monywa township constituency to make a wise choice. I wish you all physical and mental will-being.

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