People should not only stay at home but physically distancing with one another whenever in public, a new phenomenon – ‘New Normal’ culture ahead.

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News stories, both online and in printed media across the globe, vindicate that it has become a highly essential part of daily life for all to confine themselves to their homes and keep physical distancing, at least 2 meters to be exact, while going outside with facemask being put on since the infected cases and death tolls of the coronavirus pandemic have been rampantly occurring all over the world, with no exemption for our country.
State leaders and health authorities have also been advising all these basic behaviorisms in a real-time manner since the first outbreak and spread of the viral disease late last year in China. States and regional governments are consequently reaching out to the public by issuing necessary and respective orders or instructions in regard to health awareness on the deadly pandemic amongst the people inclusive of all strata of life based on ‘No one is left behind’ principle.

The National-Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control, and Treatment of COVID-19 and Emergency Response Committee for new coronavirus-affected Businesses were systematically established following the first case had emerged on 23 March 2020 in Myanmar. Authorities at different levels have been sparing no strenuous efforts in cohesive collaboration with the stakeholders concerned to deter the coronavirus disease as well as to mitigate the severe blows on the economy.

People came to realize that they should abide by the dos and don’ts of the national-level committees, ministries of health and sports and labour, and states/regional governments so that they can be accustomed to wearing masks, washing hands, and staying at homes or distancing physically from one another, at marketplaces, workplaces, offices, super stores, etc.; however the word ‘gathering’ has now gone and left unheard, untold, and unused for a while, hasn’t it?

Donations in cash and kinds like basic foodstuffs, medicines, and medical equipment are generously given in every corner of the entire nation, even at the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, shelters and prisons.

Though it may have the worse effect, we may say the better alternative of coronavirus pandemic has made a plethora accumulation of government support and assistance as well as international aid for the people and the whole country. Our front line heroes such as doctors, health workers, healthcare providers and volunteers are working with valour in this war against the global viral infection.

The Union Government is steadfastly implementing all-round preventative measures against the new coronavirus disease. When Myanmar citizens and migrant workers were stranded in foreign countries due to travel restrictions, the Union Government systematically made arrangements for their repatriation by relief flights. This is why, every individual or citizen should not only heed all the health awareness guidelines, but cooperate in self-preventive measures against the pandemic to protect others also, so that we all can be prepared for the “New Normal” culture ahead!

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