People urged to enjoy Thingyan festival gently

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Myanmar Thingyan Festival in Mon State in 2016.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture released a statement to participate in Myanmar’s traditional Thingyan festival in a gentle manner.
The statement said it should avoid inappropriate manners that are not in conformity with Myanmar tradition and culture, serious water throwing, words, Thangyat, singing and activities that affect others or organizations directly or indirectly, and other manners that can cause loss of respect and value by foreigners and drinking alcohol and so on.
The Thingyan festival has been celebrated since the time of ancient Myanmar Kings. According to the changing trend, the people wear inappropriate costumes, drink alcohol and fight each other and so the ministry issued a statement to participate in the 2023 Thingyan festival in line with the tradition and culture.
The Thingyan festival is preserved as a national-level intangible cultural heritage and arrangements are made to list the festival on the World Heritage List.
In preparation for the World Heritage List, the 2023 Myanma traditional Thingyan water festival will be filmed and recorded as a documentary. — TWA/KTZH

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