Preserving Thai mural paintings at Inwa Monastery in Mandalay Region

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The mural painting is preserved at the Inwa Monastery (Phayathonzu).

According to Inwa Monastery Presiding Patron Sayadaw Bhaddanta Acriya, the traditional mural paintings of northern Thailand can be found at Thaso village in Natogyi township, Mandalay region. These paintings are preserved in the Inwa Monastery (Phayathonzu) in Thaso village.
“King Hsinbyushin of the Konbaung dynasty — the second son of the dynasty’s founder, Alaungphaya — brought the artisans of ten well-known traditional arts and crafts from Ayutthaya, Thailand, after winning battles. The painting styles prevalent in the Langna area of Thailand, created during the expansion of construction in the realm of his son King Singu, have been retained at the Ananda Monastery in Bagan, the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda in Taungthaman, and Phayahnitzu in Taungbi village. We have preserved these artworks created by Thai nationals who have resided in Myanmar for generations. This information was provided by field research professionals in 2015,” Sayadaw Bhaddanta Acriya stated.
The research experts of Yadanabon University Archaeology and National Museum Department (Mandalay Branch) approved these mural paintings created by the tribal people from the Langna area, Thailand, in 1790-1810. — ASH/MKKS

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