Price of newly arrived Shan garlic declines

The picture shows newly-arrived Shan garlic.

New Shan garlic entered the Yangon market at the beginning of March and the price has decreased.
As there was little stock of old cloves of garlic in the market before the new ones appeared, the price started to rise from the very middle of December 2022. On 25 January 2023, the wholesale price of Shan garlic (S5) reached K6,300 per viss for a large size. The new Shan garlic variety (S5) arrived at the Yangon market on 15 February with the wholesale price of K5,500 per viss. The wholesale prices of new garlic from Aungban, Shan State on 6 March were K3,300 per viss for S2, K3,500 per viss for S3, K3,700 per viss for S4 and K3,900 per viss for S5.
Although the price of Shan garlic fluctuated in late 2022 and early 2023, the wholesale price of a viss of Kyukok garlic is only around K3,600. The garlic prices per viss at the depots in Aungban, Shan State, were K2,400 for S1, K2,600 for S2, K3,000 for S3, K3,900 for S4, K4,000 for S5 and K4,000 for Kyukok garlic.
At the beginning of 2022, the wholesale price of large-size Shan garlic and Kyukok garlic stood at K3,000 and K3,600 per viss respectively and the prices went up to K4,000 and K7,000 per viss on 10 March 2022. Shan garlic 9S5) and Kyukok garlic was priced at K3,100 and K5,000 per viss on 28 March after the arrival of new Shan garlic. Just as the onion price skyrocketed in early H2 of 2022, Kyukok garlic price hit the wholesale rate of K5,000 per viss in early September. However, within a few days, the price went down again.
From October to early March 2023, the wholesale price of Kyukok garlic was only around K3,500/3,800 per viss. As for Shan garlic, a viss of S5 fetched K4,300 per viss till mid-December of 2022. Shan garlic, which has small cloves and a nice flavour, was used by housewives and easy-to-peel Kyukok garlic was used by restaurants. Thus, these two types of garlic have different market conditions and different prices. The size of Kyukok garlic is a little bigger than the size of large-sized Shan garlic (S5) as well.
This year, the price of Shan white is high, and Bamar garlic from the Pakokku area has entered the Yangon market.
Garlic from the Pakokku area has entered the Yangon market as the price of Shan garlic went up at the beginning of this year. The wholesale price of Pakokku garlic cost K3,900 per viss for S2 and K4,900 per viss for S3. — TWA/CT

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