Priority is being given to issuance of loans as capital for manageable-scale industries: Senior General

Encouraging MSME businesses aim to increase production, substitute import goods and export more products to foreign markets, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in his meeting with micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in Pa-O Self-Administered Zone yesterday afternoon.
Individual reports on operating MSMEs and requirements
Chairman of Pa-O Self-Administered Zone Administration Body U Khun Ye Htwe, Shan State Chief Minister U Aung Zaw Aye and MSME businesspersons reported on the disbursement of loans to MSME businesses from the State economic promotion fund, construction of the cold storage for potatoes and the natural fertilizer factory, undertaking of agriculture and livestock farms in the zone, needs to build one more cold storage for potatoes, production of natural fertilizers, loans for expansion of coffee sown acreage and coffee industries, loans for manufacturing of cement, supply of electricity and regional development.
Responses of Union ministers to relevant sectors
Union ministers discussed the disbursement of loans under various titles and the need to pay back the loans for issuing further loans, loan plans at soft interest rates for extended businesses, expansion of forest coverage area in Hopong Township, conservation of the environment and natural resources at Menei mountain range to manage water supply for the region, and registration of industries under the rules.
The Chief Minister of the state also discussed arrangements to contact relevant ministries for fulfilling the needs of businesspersons.
Encouraging manufacturing industries based on businesses of rural people
In his address, the Senior General pointed out that as the yield of paddy in the Pa-O region reaches some 67 baskets per acre, local farmers need to strive for meeting the target of the per-acre yield of paddy to benefit the region. Cultivable lands must be effectively utilized. Too much reliance on crop cultivation may cause dryness of water, harming the agricultural sector. Systematic farming works with correct agricultural techniques will help increase the per-acre yield of paddy.
Cultivation of paddy and crops need to use bio-fertilizers from livestock farms. Locals need to generate hydropower rather than generating electricity with fuel. Electricity projects in Shan State are delayed for various reasons. Hence, all need to strive for generating electricity in the Pa-O region.
The Senior General noted that the government disburses capital to local farmers under relevant financial rules and regulations. Priority is being given to issuance of loans as capital for manageable-scale industries.
Encouraging education sector
The Senior General highlighted that basic education student number declines in academic years. Currently, 51 basic education high schools in 50 districts conduct technical, agriculture and livestock courses as vocational training for students. As the number of human resources will rise in agriculture, livestock and industries, all must strive for the promotion of education in relevant regions as well as encourage education for the development of the Pa-O region.
The Senior General explained that encouraging MSME businesses aim to increase production, substitute imported goods and export more products to foreign markets. The government will provide necessary assistance for agricultural farms. To have success in agricultural farms, it is necessary to conduct agricultural research.
The Senior General viewed round domestic products, foodstuffs, consumer goods and industrial products, traditional handiworks and clothes and asked about market shares of these products.
In the afternoon, the Senior General inspected the conservation of the spring at Hopong Yayhtwetgyi in Hopong.
In his guidance, the Senior General stressed the need to build fences at the bund of the spring and clean the bushes around the lake. He called for setting the site for visitors to take a bath and other sites for people to take relaxation.
On 28 May evening, the Senior General visited Culamuni Lawka Chantha Pagoda and Shwephonepwint Pagoda in Taunggyi.—MNA/TTA

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