Professionalism, right skills essential for success

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IN order to succeed in any role, professionalism and appropriate job skills are essential attributes. Having unprofessional people, or those who lack the necessary skills, in positions of responsibility is ultimately unsustainable.
In some schools in rural areas, voluntary workers with little training in educational methodology are taking teaching roles, as schools do not have enough teachers. Although this substitution is useful in the short term, it is not a long-term solution.
In remote areas, people without qualifications provide medical treatment for the sick. They cannot be as reliable as certified medical workers, and lives might be lost due to ill-advised treatment.
Unlicensed drivers are to blame for a number of highway accidents that have cost passengers their lives.
In many organizations, managers have insufficient knowledge and experience, meaning they are unable to properly lead the firm and implement long-term strategies.
For a safe society, professionalism is needed across a wide range of roles. Putting unskilled people in positions for which they are not qualified cannot achieve good outcomes.

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