Public security, peace and stability

  • Regional tranquility and rule of law is needed for maintaining public security and ensuring peaceful living. It is assumed that not only authorities concerned from judicial and security sectors but also the people themselves and the organizations representing the people are responsible to cooperate hand in hand with each other conscientiously for bringing about regional tranquility and rule of law.
    At present, criminal offences are frequently being heard here and there across the country. Criticisms as to whether the public security is gradually fading away are appearing among the public. Criminals as well are committing offences openly among the people. What is worse they are beginning to commit atrocities. The increasing amount of crimes is causing uncertainty and insecurity among the people. Thus more and more people are blaming the Union government and state/regional governments and those in charge of security.
    In reality, we already have respective rules and laws enacted for prevention of crimes and protection from the dangers of the criminals, with security forces also appointed to prevent crimes and protect us from these criminals. But, the crimes do not seem to have decreased though suppressions have been made. This can be said to have been attributed to lack of public cooperation in the campaigns and lack of knowledge on crimes and potential dangers.
    Criminals are neither labeled nor masked to identify themselves as to their actual identities. Being among crowds, we cannot distinguish the good from the evil. Ordinary people are busy with their daily activities in crowded places. Generally, they cannot distinguish as to who the good are and who the evil ones are. At the same time criminals are waiting for easy prey to fall into their traps.
    To maintain public security, teams of law enforcement personnel are responsible to constantly monitor all activities in their respective areas whereas it is necessary for the people as well to move about with awareness wherever they go. Especially, we all need to maintain a high state of awareness as to what is happening in our neighborhoods, and failing that we can become easy prey.
    Most of the criminal offences which has happened these days can be seen to have happened for lack of public awareness and failure to share information on potential dangers which can be met on roads. As for the authorities concerned as well, they have found to be weak in warning the public about potential dangers.
    Now the respective security organizations are making efforts to effectively take action against criminals while we ourselves should cooperate with the Myanmar Police Force as much as possible by living in a high state of awareness and alertness so that we can live in peace, security and comfort.
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