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Public transport fares to be increased due to rising fuel oil prices


A plan is underway to increase the public transport fares due to rising fuel oil price, other vehicle spare parts and maintenance costs, it is learnt.
Currently, the domestic fuel oil price is K1,645 per litre for petrol (RON 92), K1,700 per litre for petrol (RON 95), K1,670 per litre for diesel and K1,670 per litre for premium diesel. That is the reason, the bus line’s owners have submitted a proposal to YRTC to increase the YBS bus fare up to K400 legally as YBS vehicles operating in the city need to remain operational.
The commuters are only allowed to charge K400 depending on the trip distance. But there are no official fees of K400 to collect from the passengers, said U Lyan Cin Mang, Joint secretary of YRTC.
“We have taken action to the YBS bus lines for collecting extra charges K500 or K1,000 per person. We have granted the YBS bus lines to collect up to K400 per person depending upon the distance. But, they are not permitted to collect the extra fare. The bus line companies are negotiating with the Asia Starmar Company for the YPS card. We don’t plan to increase the YBS fare,” he added.
“The YBS buses are collecting K300 per person wherever they go. The bus should collect only K200 per person who is going to only two or three bus stations. Now, we head that the YBS will increase the bus fare to K400. K100 is nothing for some people. But for us, we pay K200 for every day, said a commuter from Dagon Myothit (South) Township.
Similarly, there is a plan to increase the fares of the water ferry due to the rising price of fuel oil and spare parts of the water ferry, said U Kyaw Nyein, Chairman of the Dala Township Motorboat Supervision Team.
“We have planned to increase the water ferry fares starting from the first week of March after negotiation with authorities. Before we increase fares, we will announce the commuters, meeting decision with the executive team,” he added. There are 11 motor vessels in Dala township. They are collecting K150, 200, 250 or 300 per person. Now, the motor vessels will increase their fares to K50 or K100 per person depending on the distance.
With the rising fuel oil prices, YBS buses and motor vessels are planning to increase their fares. Yangon-Bago Smart City bus lines operating Yangon-Bago has increased their fares beginning from 24 January. Now, the fare for Yangon-Bago, Bago-Yangon routes was K2,000 per passenger. Now, it has been amended to K3,000 per person. — Ko Naing/GNLM

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