Purifying heart is nobler than saying sugar-coated words

  • By: Tommy Pauk

Man is a social animal. Social etiquette is important in human life, but an act of pretence is unacceptable. It is hard to read the inner character and minds of individuals. When we associate with each other for a certain length of time , we can understand the inner characters fairly. Purifying hearts implies that we exercise our minds to be clean, honest and simple when we deal with others constantly. It is human nature that we like to listen or hear sugar-coated words said by others. If the words of a person are in uniformity with his or her action, others would trust him or her. Consequently, that kind of person might be regarded as a decent person .Normally, peoples’ true inner characters and mindsets are incomprehensible and indecipherable before we know their true behaviors and conduct. Some people use to superficially act with sugar-coated words with others in relationship. Such superficial relationship does not last long.
A person who does well or does no harm to others is nobler than a person who says sugar-coated words superficially. We ought to cultivate our mindsets that must be proportionate in ego and in philanthropy in human society. According to Psychological findings, the heredity and environment influence or steer a person’s character in his or her life. In other words, a man’s good character or bad character reflects his or her heredity and environment in deed. Psychologists find that man is the best actor for pretence in social dealing in human race. The bad guys are clever enough to hide their bad characters by using sugar-coated words when they deal with simple people in every corner of life. If the ill-bred persons outnumber the well-bred persons in a community or a society, it will never prosper. They pretend to be generous or kind persons. Metaphorically, we use our heart as our mind and purifying heart implies that we clean our mind to lead our life in dealing with fellow humans. In other words, we try to nurture compassion, loving kindness and integrity and we must kill the dirty minds such as jealousy, hatred, inordinate greed, dishonesty and unjust act. We ought to act or behave or conduct decently and honestly to others in human society. A person who keeps up the pretence usually says sugar-coated words in order to convince others that he or she is being good-natured. We could be cheated by sugar-coated words of unscrupulous persons once in our life time.
The purified hearts can create harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in a certain society or community as their minds are always calm and noble in dealing with fellow citizens as well as fellow humans. They would never disrupt nor exploit others on any circumstances. Due to having purified hearts, they become noble persons for the community and their country concerned.
That is why those who are purifying their hearts are nobler than that of those who are saying sugar-coated words for cheating and taking advantages on simple and naïve people. The unscrupulous persons use sugar-coated words as tools for gaining personal benefits in business, politics and gambling etc. We the ordinary or simple people would not associate with them again once we are exploited or cheated by them. We are aware that the tricky or unscrupulous people use the technique of using sugar-coated words in the circle of human society indeed. Whoever says sugar-coated words must have some intention to win over or persuade the targeted persons. If the targeted persons take pleasure on the sugar-coated words, they will surely fall into the trap of the unscrupulous persons. Normally, the unscrupulous persons hide their inner characters by using sugar-coated words whenever they deal with decent or simple people. We humans should purify our hearts throughout our life in order to enjoy happy relationship among our fellow humans on earth. Pretentious act or practice like saying sugar-coated words can cause detriment to society and community concerned. Unless we purify our hearts, our judgment or attitude or dealing cannot be righteous and fair. Obviously, purifying heart is a kind of noble practice and the practice of saying sugar-coated words is one kind of pretence indeed. Therefore, we must be cautious enough to deal with persons those who use to say sugar-coated words in social dealing or business dealing. Totally, we ought to avoid such persons in social life and in doing business circle. In addition, we should contribute to our society or community whole-heartedly and deal with others with purified hearts so that we can build a harmonious and peaceful nation in the world. A notion describing “Purifying heart is nobler than saying sugar-coated words” will be very helpful for us to live on earth.

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