Rakhine affair, don’t try to profit from others’ woes

  • Kyaw Myaing

There is a saying. If you love someone, you see only the good things. If you hate someone, you see mistakes all the time. If you love someone, you do not see any mistakes. However, if you hate someone, you see mistakes and you feel very revengeful. This is the nature of the human heart. In the present situation, should we ask, is this what is happening. It has been nearly 70 years since Myanmar gained independence. Furthermore we are a member of the United Nations and a member of ASEAN. Our policy has been not to bear any ill will towards any country and not to interfere in the affairs of any country politically or racial issues. Not only that, we try to be on good terms with all our neighbouring countries and all countries of the world. We practice only a policy of non-alignment and neutralism.
However, at present the international community has been putting pressure on us, taking advantage of the instability, with regard to the unfortunate internal events which occurred as a result of external causes. They wanted to spread false news giving false hopes. These people should really ask themselves whether their actions have been justified and appropriate.
In actual fact, the problem of the western door of Rakhine State, no matter how much this story has been disseminated by a certain organization with a view to instigating and hate- mongering in the international community, the clear and correct actions taken may be seen clearly. In fact, the Rakhine State has been one of the states of Myanmar borne by historical facts and it has existed since independence with firm foundations and stability. Regarding what has happened, it is clear to everyone who initiated and created this problem.
Even though have been the victim of violent attacks, Myanmar has handled this problem with full regard to humanitarian considers and looked upon these criminal acts in a lenient manner and acted in accordance with the law. These show clearly Myanmar’s correct and righteous actions. Although we have acted leniently, the situation changed from bad to worse. There have been frequent ambushes. It can now been seen in a very practical manner that the stories that security forces and the public have committed human rights abuses in the villages without any regard to humanitarian considerations have proven to be false.
These frequent acts of instigation and intervention in Myanmar’s internal problems, should they be regarded as attempts to test our resolve; or should they be regarded as attempts to create a wedge between the Armed Forces and the people? These acts to divide us based on our internal problems are reprehensible acts.
Recently, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Najb Razak participated in a demonstration against Myanmar and instigated the crowds instead of using diplomatic channels to resolve the problem. This act has damaged the relations between the two countries. It has hurt his position and integrity and laid bare his inner thoughts. At a press conference held in conjunction with the national conference of the Action Party (DAP), Dr. Mahathir criticized this action by questioning why he did not use diplomatic channels to solve this problem although he had the power to do so Dr. Wan Wan Azizah, an opposition leader has also criticized Najib.
All over the world, no matter from which country they may have come from, no matter for whatever reason they have entered the country, whether it be in search of better economic opportunities, or be it for diplomatic, political or touristic reasons, all these people need to abide by the laws of the land and have a high regard for its customs and traditions and conduct themselves accordingly. A visitor should act and behave like a visitor and not use the front room of the house as his toilet room. We would not want that.
Many have advised that international refugees should be accepted and placed in refugee camps. However, all countries in the world have seen what these host countries have gone through. In the present age, international travel is open and transparent and it is so easy to travel from one place to the other. Therefore we need to be very careful of the fact that terrorists and destructive elements could easily come in together with other passengers.
In Myanmar, there is freedom to travel as well as study and observe. However, media persons and foreign newspapermen take pictures and shoot video stories. We have seen that they especially like to shoot pictures of large crowds or where lots of people congregate. We have seen that they then make news stories based on the said pictures and videos to magnify insignificant internal problems disseminate it through the internet and Face Book to spread negative news about Myanmar. We have seen many instances such as these so foreign media agencies should take special note of this.
Although it is true that the international community takes great interest in Myanmar
affairs, this is not an international problem. However, we have abided by international practice and placed a high regard
for leaders of other countries.
However, when these leaders themselves begin to profess one-sided views and utter one-sided words, this has caused a great deal of dismay and sadness. It looked so ugly. In actual fact, he should have spoken out only after a visit to the affected areas for a first hand observation.
Now in the case of Myanmar’s problem, it seems as though the doctor has dispensed the wrong medicine. He has confused a medicine for taking orally with a medicine to be used as a lotion. It looks as though someone has used the outer wall internally and vice versa. In Myanmar, we have always had the three main national causes:
– Non-disintegration of the Union
– Non-disintegration of National Solidarity
– Perpetuation of Sovereignty.
Although these may just be three lines, if we amplify the meaning of these three lines, they become vibrant and alive for Myanmar and they will remain complete and sufficient for us forever. This needs to be understood.
In conclusion, we wish to let it be known that Myanmar will stand tall among the countries of the world and base her action on honesty and civility. We are ready to have relations with any country in friendship while practicing a Neutral Foreign Policy without siding with or criticizing either side. We want it to be known that this is how we intend to conduct ourselves going forward. Since Myanmar is a country where Buddhism flourishes and where all national races live in accordance with the Teachings of the Buddha:
– To make right effort
– To utter right speech
– To have right view
Let me reiterate that we believe in these teachings and abide by them at all times.

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