Rakhine seabed tested for mineral deposits

Angumaw beach in Rathedaung, Rakhine State.
Angumaw beach in Rathedaung, Rakhine State.

Tests on the seabed of Angumaw beach for mineral deposits, in the Rakhine State township of Rathedaung, by the Yemyaeshin company commenced at the end of last month, it is known.
Tests were already conducted by Chinese companies after it was said that the seabed along the stretch of Angumaw coastline contained the minerals of aluminium and titanium. Now, it is the turn for the Yemyaeshin company to try their luck.
“We’re sucking the sand out from the seabed with a machine. Then we purify the sand. The purified sand is then sent to Yangon to test whether it contains minerals or not. We’ve currently taken a break from our digging activities as it’s Chinese New Year.” said a worker from the Yemyaeshin company. The aforementioned company is carrying out testing on sand samples, for possible traces of minerals, with a 12 month permit from the Ministry of Mines.
“So many machineries arrived in our village. Sand extracting machines, as well as sand purifying machines. The people from the township don’t know what they’re up to. In the past, Chinese companies also came here to dig up and test the sand along the coastline.” said U San Htun, a resident from the Angumaw village.
A Chinese company started to test the seabed sand back in 2007, while the last tests were carried out by a company called Gold Finder in 2014.
“How should I know [what they’re objectives are]. Companies came here. They dug up sand. Then took it to Yangon for tests. The companies
comprise both Chinese and Myanmar workers. What the residents know about these excavation activities is from what we witness. There’s been no explanation from the government as yet.” said local resident U Htun Wai.
There are over twenty variants of minerals, such as titanium, platinum and amalgam, located within the seabed of the Rakhine State beaches of Rathedaung, Angumaw and Maungdaw districts. The Myanmar government started to permit companies to tests for minerals in these locations in 2013

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