Rakhine State Gov’t holds press conference on 2nd one-year term

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Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu explains his government’s second one-year performance at a press conference held at the Rakhine State Government office in Sittway yesterday. photo: mna

Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu said that Rakhine State is more susceptible than other regions and states when it comes to peace and development and as such prioritizes safety and security.
The Chief Minister made the remark during the Rakhine State Government’s press conference for their 2nd one-year performance, held at the meeting hall of the State Government Office yesterday.
The Chief Minister said so far, we saw visible improvements and we are inviting investments in priotized agriculture and livestock sectors because they are the key development areas of RAkhine State.
He said that during FY 2017-2018, Rakhine State has 1,104,057 acres of farmland, 6,842 prawn breeding tanks and 110,895 acres of prawn farms, and opened 85 small-scale factories. In the same FY, Rakhine State has utilized union and state funds from the Department of Highways and constructed 15 roads and bridges, 324 MPT GSM centres (as of March 2018), and 17 staff residences containing 212 rooms. They have also conducted 247 electricity supply operations in the same FY, said the Chief Minister.
Talking about the city development sector, he said his government has accomplished 20 projects for urban roads, and bridges as well as waterworks, constructing 136 basic education high schools and 108 branch schools, 108 basic education middles schools and 309 branch schools, and 828 kindergartens.
He said 4,337 positions for health officials have been approved in Rakhine State, and of those, 1,740 have been filled in and 2,597 are still vacant.

He said they have built one medical center, 18 maternal clinics, 4 school medical centers, 21 station medical centers, 100 rural health centers, and 558 sub-rural health centers.
The Chief Minister said they have achieved 37 per cent of their project objectives. The Customs Department has projected Ks 7.5 million for April to September in FY 2017-2018, and as of 21 September they have collected Ks 9.241 million, he said. Rakhine State has accomplished USD 9.075 million in export value, Ks 58.592 million in import value, and Ks 1,265.864 million in exports.
So far in 2018, Rakhine State has 20 domestic investment businesses and 27 foreign investment businesses. Ks 84.342 billion has been loaned to 113,129 farmers for 562,280 acres of farmland in FY 2017-2018. They have projected 24-hour electrification for Buthidaung Tsp by October 2018 and for Maungtaw Tsp by December 2018, said the Chief Minister. He added that Posco Daewoo Corporation is constructing a solar power plant to provide 24-hour electrification across Manaung Island.
The Chief Minister said they are working for MraukU archeological area to be included in the World Heritage List. The state government has funded construction of houses for displaced people in Kyauktaw Tsp and Paletwa Tsp.
He said Rakhine State has 18 IDP camps housing 110,015 people. He said the IDP camps that were closed down were Nidan Camp in Kyauktaw Tsp previously containing 584 people, Pyinpyumaung Camp in Kyaukpyu Tsp previously containing 318 people, and No.6 Ward Camp in Yanbye Tsp previously containing 14 people. He said they are planning to close down the Myabon Taungpaw Ward Camp soon.
The Rakhine Chief Minister said they have accepted 171 returnees from 13 April to 26 September
He said 1,503 houses for resettlement are planned to be constructed in Maungtaw Tsp and 478 have been constructed. Previously, 831 houses were being constructed but 58 of them ran out of donors, reducing the houses in construction phase to 773, while the list of houses in need of donor assistance has increased from 194 to 252. Construction is funded by the Union Government, state and region governments, NGOs and Int’l agencies. The Indian Government will support the construction of 250 prefabricated houses in Maungtaw Tsp for displaced people in Northern Rakhine.
Afterwards, Rakhine State Ministers delivered detailed performance reviews concerning their respective ministry departments, followed by a
Q&A session with media members.
Attending the press conference were members of the Rakhine State Cabinet, the State Advocate and State Auditor, department officials, journalists from RFA, MRTV, SKYNET, 5PLUS News, DNG, EPA, and Narinjara News, residential elders, and civil society organization representatives.


 Tin Tun (District IPRD)

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