Ray of hope for peace shines on Myanmar

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After the Second World War, nations across the world faced internal conflict, with the result that most countries did not escape from the trap of poverty for decades, and some are still struggling to establish peace within their boundaries.
Myanmar also succumbed to the fires of internal conflict soon after the signing of the 20th Century Panglong Agreement and winning independence. Our country has seen armed conflicts for over seven decades, and the resultant poverty and low levels of economic development, healthcare, and security.
Over successive generations, our people have seen their socio-economic situation and morale undermined, while our country’s future has gradually been corroded.
We have still not escaped the trap of poverty and armed conflicts.
The only way out is building peace by resolving political problems, which are at the root of armed conflicts, through dialogue.
The first step for building peace is a ceasefire agreement. A ceasefire would bring peace and development to the people.
The Tatmadaw announced on 30 June that it is extending its unilateral ceasefire till 31 August to aid the peace process.
Prior to that, the Tatmadaw had ceased all military operations in the Northern Command, North-Eastern Command, Eastern Command, Eastern Central Command, and Triangle Region Command till 30 April, and then extended the ceasefire till 30 June, to help implement the peace process.
Another recent breakthrough has been the talks in Mongla between a delegation from the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre and four ethnic armed organizations which are yet to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement. A proposal from the Union Government has also been handed over to the four EAOs.
If the sources of armed conflicts are discussed and resolved at the political roundtable, it will not be difficult to curb and eradicate armed conflicts. Meetings create familiarity, understanding, and trust, and strengthen common causes and expectations.
The stakeholders in the peace process must leave the past behind after taking lessons from it. They must try to carry out effective peace-building works during the two-month ceasefire period, in keeping with the expectations of the local ethnic people for peace.
Please strive towards the goal of eternal peace with courage and determination. Please share your worries.
We will work and think together to remove and resolve those worries.

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