Responsible pet ownership a step towards curbing rabies

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Whenever we read stories about rabies and animal bites in the media, registration of cats and dogs is the first idea that comes into our heads.
Registration of cats and dogs is the first step to resolving animal control issues. At the same time, we need to raise awareness about responsible ownership of pets.
The Yangon City Development Committee Law prohibits ownership of pets, their transportation, and sale without registration in the municipal area of Yangon. Under Section 321 of the law, anyone who breaks the law would be fined K100,000-K500,000 for the first violation. Repeat offenders may be awarded a six-month prison sentence under the law. The purpose of the prohibition is developing responsible pet ownership in Yangon. As part of efforts for enabling people to register their pets easily, the YCDC has been carrying out mobile registrations, especially for dogs and cats in districts every year.
Besides, to speed up the registration, pet owners can download the form from Forms are also available at township YCDC offices and need to be submitted to the respective district Veterinary and Prevention Office.
To ensure responsible pet ownership and to prevent animals from causing a nuisance to the public, registration of stray animals is not being allowed.
Those who register their pets are obliged to follow the rules agreed upon with the YCDC. This reflects that ownership of pets comes with responsibilities, and if one cannot fulfill them, then it would be better to forego pets.
Owners must be held responsible for dogs that exhibit dangerous behavior before problems escalate. They need to be able to ensure their dogs do not attack other pets and people.
We must take strong action against irresponsible pet owners, especially dog owners, when their pets hurt a person or another animal.
Animal ownership is something that affects most people in the municipality. Even if one is not an animal owner, one is still likely to interact with animals in one way or another. We hope that the rules foster responsible pet ownership. This will support animal owners and the general public by preventing dog bites and reducing the risks associated with aggressive and vicious dogs.

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