Rise of tomato price makes growers happy

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A local grower is seen at one of the tomatoes farms in Minbu (Saku). Photo: Win Naing (Minbu IPRD)

Although the yield of tomatoes is abundant in COVID-19 period, the tomato price has risen up again, and the local growers from Minbu (Saku) are making a handsome profit.
“The tomatoes are mainly sold as a kitchen food. Earlier, the tomato price plunged to K100 or K200 per viss from K800 or K1,000 per viss. Thus, the local farmers are in great trouble. Now, we are happy because of rising prices again,” said U Ba Aye, a tomato grower.
The tomatoes are grown mostly in Kyaukton village than other villages in Minbu township. The local villagers cultivated monsoon tomatoes and winter tomatoes. According to the local growers, tomato’s wholesale price was K400 per viss while the retail price of tomato K500 per viss.
“This year, some regions are restricting the travelling. So, the price of tomatoes is cool in the market. But, the price of tomatoes is hiking these days again,” said Ma Nwe New Htay, an owner of tomato plantations from Kyauktan village.
Some growers are facing problems with their plants being restored by the infestation. According to the local growers, they are taking care of their plants using fertilizer and pesticide. —Win Naing (Minbu district IPRD)/GNLM

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