Save lives of child labour from miseries

As a tradition of Myanmar society, children should be under the care and management of parents, guardians and relatives. Parents are responsible for looking after their offspring till 18 years of age.
Parents do not be decisive to let their children work at businesses if not necessary. In fact, children under 18 are too young for Myanmar society to earn income from working at businesses. If necessary, those children have to learn education without worries under the care of their parents.
But, some children who may be orphans or come from needy families or have many reasons are unavoidably working at businesses by earning lesser salaries or wages as a burden for their lives. They are earning incomes for the daily costs of food, clothing and shelter. Such regrettable happenings can be seen in Myanmar as well as across the world.
In the workplace, most of the children are forcibly ordered to work or are serving the burden of work as unbalanced workloads with their age. As such, the whole society needs to protect those children against forced labour movements. Although those children are serving workloads unavoidably, law enforcement bodies of relevant countries are responsible for protecting those children to be able to enjoy their deserved rights.
The 111th Session of the International Labour Conference on 12 June decided to mark World Day against Child Labour so as to protect children from forced labour measures. World Day against Child Labour is intended to serve as a catalyst for the growing worldwide movement against child labour. Emphasizing the link between social justice and child labour, the slogan for World Day in 2023 is ‘Social Justice for All. End Child Labour!’
To mark the World Day against Child Labour which falls on 12 June 2023, all global people are calling for reinvigorated international action to achieve social justice, particularly under the envisaged Global Coalition for Social Justice, with child labour elimination as one of its important elements. Universal ratification of ILO Convention No 138 on Minimum Age, which, together with the universal ratification of ILO Convention No 182 on Worst Forms of Child Labour achieved in 2020, would provide all children with legal protection against all forms of child labour.
Global people and law enforcement bodies have to protect children from their workplaces against mental pains and create chances for them to see a brighter future. International labour organizations need to save the enslaved lives of child labour from the miseries.

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