Security forces disperse protesters rioting on streets in Magway

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The State of Emergency was declared on 1 February 2021 and it was already announced that action will be taken against those violate the Section 144 of Criminal Procedure and commit incitement to join CDM by force on 26 February.

Currently, the Section 144 of Criminal Procedure has been imposed in Magway Region and about 1000 unscrupulous persons shouting out slogans marched to Htin Tan street and Tatma junction in Pakokku yesterday morning.

The security forces requested the protesters to avoid mass gatherings and follow the regulations released in accordance with the law. But the protest crowd did not disperse and blocked the corner of Htin Tan street and Yoke Sone Kyaung street with bricks, sand, stone, bamboos and wood, and attacked the security forces with materials that can cause serious wounds. The police dispersed then in accordance with the crowd dispersal methods and the protesters dispersed at about 12:30 pm.

A male protester, aged about 40, died from the .12V gun shot during the incident and the respective township police station opened a case and conducted an investigation. Moreover, the police detained 51 people who led the protest.

It is requested to the people not to follow the negative incitement of NLD politicians, and to peacefully focus on their livelihood and to follow the Section 144 of Criminal Procedure.—MNA

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