Security increased for ongoing terrorist attacks in N-Rakhine

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Villagers and security forces are trying to put out the fire in a village which was set fire by extremist terrorists. 
Photo: State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee

Following at least six more deaths of civilians in another wave of ambushes by extremist terrorists in northern Rakhine that included shooting attacks and the use of improvised explosive devices, security forces have boosted their operations in the restive western state, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.
Yesterday afternoon, extremist terrorists killed Abu, also known as Bibi, 62, who is the head of the 100 households of Maungtaw’s Myoma Taung Ward, officials said.
The statement from the State Counsellor’s Office also claimed that Lateya Village acting village head Sweta Long, the head of 100 households Saed Kula and the village head office assistant Zahid Tusong were killed by extremist terrorists on Friday under the suspicion of being government informants.
Those killed were Lateya Village’s acting village head Sweta Long, head of 100 household Saed Kula and village head office assistant Zahid Tusong (father) Saleh, aged 37.

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An improvise explosive device used by extremist terrorists in northern Rakhine.  Photo: State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee

Terrorists also fired into the house of a Hindu family in front of Maungtaw Hospital about 2 pm, killing one child and injuring a man. Earlier in the day, an armed clash occurred between security forces and extremist terrorists near Myothugyi Village in Maungtaw Township at about 11 am after the terrorists ambushed a police convoy with improvised explosive devices, leaving one terrorist dead, according to officials.
In another incident near Nwayontaung Village in the township at about 9.30 am, about 150 extremist terrorists armed with machetes tried to attack security forces but were repelled.
Police at the Kyunpauk Pyusu police outpost in Maungtaw Township also dispersed about 300 extremist terrorists approaching the outpost at around 11:30 pm.
The terrorists also burnt down a village in Myinlut, destroying 88 houses, more than 100 shops, two mosques, eight religious schools, nine vehicles and four motorcycles.
About 500 extremist terrorists tried to enter HsinOh Village in the Ahtet Nanyar Village-tract in Yathedaung Township about 10:40 pm on Friday, but villagers and police were able to fight them off.

Extremist terrorists planted IEDs, killed villagers
Extremist terrorists are setting up mines to impede the movement of security forces and are attacking the vehicles of security forces with improvised explosive devices and are also killing village officials they suspect of being government informants, according to a news release issued yesterday afternoon by the State Counsellor’s Office.
The news release said extremist terrorists reportedly told villagers to avoid the internal road along Ward 5 in Maungtaw and the motor vehicle road on the Maungtaw-Myo Oo (Italia)-Cashew Plantation because mines had been planted to restrict the movement of security forces.
A three-vehicle convoy of security forces was attacked by extremist terrorists with mines and guns on a village road in Maungnamagyi Village, Maungtaw Township and a brief gun battle erupted, during which two Foton vehicles in the convoy were damaged. When the area was cleared after the brief firefight, security forces found a hand-made gun, wires and a small battery, according to the State Counsellor’s Office. Yesterday morning, security forces discovered two mines on Maungtaw-Buthidaung Road near the old Myothugyi Village. The mines were connected with wires to a nearby house. The news release mentioned that there was a brief firefight between extremist terrorists and security forces near that village. Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Central Committee declared the attackers as a terrorist group and warned those who might assist the insurgents. More security forces have been supplied to assist in operations being conducted in the areas where extremist terrorists are known to hide, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.



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