Severe rainfall, flooding disrupt railway operations on Bago-Mawlamyine railway section in Mon State

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Engineers from Myanma Railways conduct assessments to evaluate potential structural damage to the bridge on the Bago-Mawlamyine railways line.

Since yesterday morning, Mon State has experienced heavy rainfall, leading to a rapid influx of water from the mountains. Consequently, in Bilin Township, the railway section spanning 1,500 feet between Don Wun station and Shwe Pale station has become inundated, with water levels rising two inches above the tracks. This flooding has necessitated the temporary suspension of four trains on the Yangon-Mawlamyine route to ensure the safety of other passenger trains passing through the area.
Due to this situation, passenger train No 81 travelling up and RBE express No 89 departing from Yangon have had to halt at Hnin Pale station. Likewise, passenger express train No 82 down from Mawlamyine is temporarily stationed at Taungsoon station, and No 90 down RBE Express from Mawlamyine is awaiting conditions to improve at Don Wun station.
Although water levels receded yesterday evening, the flow remains strong, impacting four bridges within the vicinity. Officials from Myanmar Railways are presently conducting assessments to evaluate potential structural damage to the bridges and to gauge the extent of water erosion along the railway tracks. If any damage is identified, necessary measures will be promptly undertaken. Depending on the outcomes of safety evaluations, appropriate plans will be devised to proceed with the journey as per the original schedule. — MNA/KZW

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