Start revving up engine of socioeconomic growth for peace, stability

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Lasting peace and stability are attainable only when economic and social welfare are assured across the country. Our country has lagged far behind its neighbours, let alone Western nations, especially in terms of technology.
Careful consideration of the root cause of instability in the country will reveal lack of proper management.  At a time when the use of information and technology has come to the fore, development efforts should directly contribute to the well-being of the entire population, regardless of race, age and gender.
In this context, the government should take the lead in the effort to create conditions of full employment so as to ensure higher standards of living, which in turn will pave the way for conditions of economic growth and social welfare.
A hungry mob is an angry mob, sang Bob Marley, supporting the notion that poverty reduction is fundamental to peace, stability and development. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi described people with full bellies as peaceful people.
It is absolutely imperative that the government must recheck whether its priorities are focused on issues of national concern that stress the need for all-round social and economic development. In addition, economic and social reforms should be aimed at the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger through careful analysis.
With steady economic growth and social welfare in place, peace and stability will ensue, thereby encouraging both local and foreign investment in key development areas such as education, health, transportation and agriculture.
All things considered, it is time to start revving up the engine of socioeconomic growth.

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