State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing replies to queries raised by RIA news agency of Russian Federation

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State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is answering the questions raised by the RIA news agency of the Russian Federation.

Continued from yesterday

Q: I understand only when the newly-formed UEC has conducted the inquiry, will the election be held. How about time for examining the errors of tens of millions of voter lists? How do you estimate when the process will be completed?
A: The inspection process has been completed by some 90 per cent. We have a plan to officially clarify such an issue in the late July or the first week of August.

Q: At a time when all the compulsory processes have been completed with readiness to hold the election, can all political parties in Myanmar compete in the election?
A: Yes. They can. They have the rights to compete in it. But it prescribes the disciplines. For example, competition in the constituencies is set for each political party. If their competitions conform with the disciplines, they all have the right to compete in the election.
With regard to one more point, rules and disciplines were adopted for the formation of political parties. They must conform with rules and disciplines for their formation as well as rules and for competing in the election. Any political party in conformity with such two points can compete in the election.
Ordinary protests were transformed into terror acts. Now, such terror acts are not too much. Its tempo is remarkably down. But, there are some cases of attacks with homemade grenades and ambush attacks. It means committing public panic and tarnishing the image of Myanmar in the international arena that the government cannot effectively perform the rule of law functions. Their intention may dull the image of our position.
And, they may set aims to encourage their supporters with the aim of speeding up the attempts. But, the people do not accept it. No one accepts terrorism. Most of the terror acts could be combatted.
They expect that these terror acts might have greater momentum. If so, our response might be violent. At this juncture, they will have to expect the chances of the international community interfering in the internal affairs of Myanmar. But, they may not reach such a situation. It is my highest estimation. It is my estimation only.

Q: As you say they attempt to emerge the supporters to the terror acts, does it mean political supporters or financial contributors?
A: There are many financial contributors under the leadership of political supporters. Leaders are those who politically oppose us. When they order someone to do so spending the money, they who get money follow their orders. So, those followers implement the orders due to getting money, not for politics. Leaders of such works are leading the issues in the political ground. But, those leaders do not dare to commit terror acts. So, they order other persons to do terror acts.
Q: At present, what will international organizations of the global society and that of the Southeast Asian region assist Myanmar in restoring peace and stability? What kinds of assistance will Myanmar accept?
A: For the first point, it is necessary to understand Myanmar’s political culture. They need to under the political related culture. For one more point, they need to understand Myanmar’s laws. They need to understand the political changes in Myanmar. If they take a leading role after understanding these issues, we think it will be more effective.
Without understanding these issues, they make conclusions based on various information items as they wish. These information items are prepared by organizations from western countries to have the trend they wish. As they post the information based on the aforesaid trends, other countries analyze such information. But, their commitments are different in real-time.
It is necessary to know the real situation of internal affairs. If so, cooperation will be better. We, Myanmar, have internal affairs. But, we may have the situation to cooperate with the international community in any arena. For example, we don’t have any plan not to accept constructive acts.
We don’t live in isolation in the international community. Anyhow, we must do cooperate. Now, we cooperate with Russia and China as well as neighbouring countries. We realize relations with all countries. It needs to understand as it is important.

Q: You told me Myanmar cooperates with Russia and China. In this regard, both partner countries help Myanmar restore peace and stability. What are their arrangements to assist?
A: We have such cooperation. They try to understand the real situation of Myanmar and clarify the political situation of Myanmar in the international arena. It is their cooperation.

Q: In raising questions related to Myanmar, there is a compulsory question at present. Does Myanmar have the capacity to prevent and contain COVID-19 while the globe is facing the infection of COVID-19? I’d like to know your difficulties and achievements.
A: In the first wave of the disease, the number of positive patients was not too much. But, such a number was remarkably high in the second wave of disease. We could control it. At that time, the vaccines emerged. So, we strived for giving vaccination to the people. First, we got vaccines from India. Then, India suspended the sale of vaccines to us due to its internal problems.
At that time, we received the vaccines from Russia. Now, we are using the vaccines from Russia. We held coordination to extend the purchase of more volumes of vaccines from Russia. Likewise, China sent their vaccines to us. We have used it. Furthermore, we will coordinate with China to purchase the vaccines.
We find infection rate of disease in the third wave is slightly quicker. The percentage of positive patients reaches about 10 per cent on a daily basis. Such amount slightly declined in some days. The finding of 10 per cent in patients is slightly higher than in the past.
However, the infection rate in Myanmar is not too much in comparison with that of the international arena. If we, the people strictly abide by the disciplines, it is the situation under the control. We are performing the prevention and control of the disease as much as we can.

Q: Let me know how many amounts of vaccines you will import from Russia.
A: At present, we plan to buy 2 million units of the vaccine. Then, we have one more plan to purchase seven million units of the vaccine but it is under negotiation. Depending on export items, we calculate the plans to wait for them. I know as Russia distributes vaccines across the world, it cannot meet our demand at the same time.

Q: There are three allowed vaccines in Russia. Among them, Sputnik V only is interesting. These are Sputnik V and Sputnik Light. During your trip to Russia, while in Moscow, you attended the 9th international security conference. What do you attend any other? Please tell me it roughly.
A: I held a meeting with the General Secretary of the Security Council as well as the Minister of Defence, I went to the Military University of the Defense Ministry and accepted the degree of honorary professor. I visited some significant places in Moscow. And I have more plans to visit other sites. And, I visited the Theravada Buddhist Monastery in Moscow and performed sharing of merits gained for the ordination hall. I’d like to say it is a venue to contribute to the Buddhists in Moscow and Russia.
Q: May I know your plans to pay visits to other towns. Where will you visit?
A: It is sure to pay visits to significant towns in Russia. I’ll go to Kazan and Novosibirsk. Everybody says Novosibirsk is very beautiful.

Q: As you will continue the trip, it is not yet complete. But, I’d like to know your feeling till today.
A: It is a good trip. Whatever it may be, I’d like to remark my trip is successful.

Q: Thank you so much for your patient replies.
A: OK! I know today is the 80th birthday of your RIA news agency. I take special pride in your successful performance for 80 years. I pray for you to have more and more success in the future. May you all have success.

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