Statement on adherence to healthcare guidelines in 2020 General Election

UEC1. The Union Election Commission, in accordance with 2008 Constitution, already announced that the multiparty democracy general elections will be held nationwide on 8 November 2020 to elect MPs for third term of three Hluttaws.
2. The election process includes setting up of polling stations, coming of voters to the stations and voting at the stations. Similarly, it also includes preparations for voting in the general elections of those who are under quarantine due to COVID-19 infections, advance voting of those who are unable come to polling stations on the election day at relevant ward/village-tract election sub-commissions on designated dates, counting votes at respective township election sub-commissions and polling stations, collecting of election results and announcing the names of elected candidates by region/state election sub-commissions.
3. Due to present COVID-19 situation, polling station heads, deputy heads and members who will perform duties at the polling stations of different levels of relevant election sub-commissions, those who will manage outside the polling stations and voters need to be careful of the successful holding of the general election not to be infected by COVID-19.
4. The Ministry of Health and Sports issued the standard operation procedure Part-I about campaigning in accordance with COVID-19 preventive and control measures for Hluttaw candidates who will compete in the general election on 7-9-2020.
5. Therefore, it is hereby announced that those who are involved in the election works according to paragraph-2 will have to abide by the directives included in standard operation procedure Part-II that are to be carried out in accordance with COVID-19 prevention and control measures during the general election and health guidelines issued by relevant officials depending on situations.
6. The standard operation procedure Part-II which are to be carried out in accordance with COVID-19 prevention and control measures in holding the general election can be viewed at the website of the Union Election Commission,, and UEC Facebook.

(Hla Thein)
Union Election Commission

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