Tatmadaw to sue Facebook users for defamation


LEGAL action will be taken against those who post messages on Facebook referring to a dispute between two men last week to defame the Tatmadaw, announced the military-run Myawady Daily.
The military-run daily said it found posts and photos on the Facebook account of Bo Bo Myo Thant that describe an altercation between the owner of the account and another man named U Naing Yar Kyaw that are defamatory toward the Myanmar Defence Services.
The two men got into a dispute over a parking space at Yangon’s Yuzana Plaza. U Naing Yar Kyaw beat the much younger Bo Bo Myo Thant while referring to himself as a ‘lieutenant colonel’. Bo Bo Myo Thant’s Facebook posts describe his attacker as an officer in the Tatmadaw, though U Naing Yar Kyaw is, in fact, a member of a Mon-affiliated non-government militia.
Legally, however, non-state militias are not meant to use officer rankings, the Myawady Daily report said.
Commander-in-Chief (Army) Office will bring legal action against those whose post on social media defame the Tatmadaw, the report said.—GNLM

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